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Legendary 2022


Captains, this has been a long year. We want to provide you with a throwback look at it—the Legendary way!

We know you expected to see the release of either the Training Room or Clans features by the end of the year, but those, unfortunately, got delayed and will arrive next year (you can read about that in detail here). Once again, we’re sorry about that!

However, let’s take a look at what we’ve managed to do—and it's a lot! 

We Significantly Broadened Our Horizons With the Release of Tier VIII Ships 


The choice is solid, too! This year saw the releases of 18 Tier VIII tech tree ships for the U.S.A.; Japan; Great Britain; Germany; the U.S.S.R.; and France, with more Premiums arriving alongside them, including Italian battleship Marco Polo. Ships serving as final campaign rewards have been moved from Tier VII to Tier VIII, but, obviously, we're not excluding the possibility of including ships hailing from other tiers in future campaigns. Obtain a special patch to remember the launch of the new tier by using the code 923D2C5V6D at https://wowslegends.com/code-redeemer/.

As for the new tech tree lines...

Three Tech Tree Lines Joined the Lineup


With the standard Early Access framework, the tech tree was enriched with as many as three lines: SAP shells and Exhaust Smoke Generator-wielding Italian battleships, hybrid (playstyle-wise) European destroyers, and German alternate battleships with torpedoes and powerful secondary suites. That's a lot of options to choose from—and a total of 16 ships! 

We Released 10 Campaigns, Including Two Double-Headed 


With 12 ships total, half of them being the freshly arrived Tier VIII, this year allowed for a variety of options in terms of ultimate campaign rewards. They even included a Tier V aircraft carrier, USS Independence, which became the first carrier to feature as an ultimate campaign reward. Speaking of flattops... 

We Took to the Skies With New Carriers, Including Legendary 


Midway, Hakuryū (both obtainable through the Bureau), and Soviet carriers with the new skip bombing mechanic arrived this year. With more Premium flattops released throughout the year, captains with a knack for airborne warfare are spoiled for choice now: 23 ships of five nations, to be precise.

Events & Collaborations? We Had Some of Those:


Treasure Hunt, Hunt for Agincourt, and Adventure Calendar brought a ton of rewards, with the latter two seeing events residing in-game. Halloween and Racing Legends modes were pretty fun, too! More themed content for every taste could be acquired within Saint Patrick's, Golden Week, and Black Friday with collaborations, featuring new waves of Azur Lane and Transformers and an appearance from Viva La Dirt League!

Competitive Seasons Were Right There, Too  


It's all about the stats! 15 seasons of Ranked battles, including the introduction of 1v1 fights, six more Arena seasons, and launch of the Brawl, allowing for various tweaks and unique gameplay experience with three inaugurating seasons—this year was busy for сaptains who like going for first place! 

Last but not least comes...

...Mobile Launch! 


The mobile version of Legends is currently available to players in Canada and the Philippines, both on iOS and Android devices. We’re slowly but surely introducing the features from the console version to the mobile cousin, but the voyage has turned out to be way more difficult than we expected. That said, we're positive in our 2023 outlook for the mobile version, looking to eventually synchronize the features between the versions, including the aircraft carrier gameplay, and finally release in multiple countries!

What Does the Future Hold?


It certainly holds a lot more interesting stuff of all sorts and colors, but we’re not going to spoil the upcoming news, except special modifications and an enhanced Service Record, including stats per ship. Besides those, you can expect to see a new non-carrier tech tree line and a certain high-tier Italian ship as a Bureau Project reward in a pretty short span of time... 

Continue sailing with Legends in 2023, and turn the tide! 

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