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Azur Lane Wave IV


Captains, Commanders, and seafarers! Azur Lane is making its glorious return to Legends with a fourth wave of content, available in the Store from February 6 through March 6. It includes as many as five Commanders of different nations, two new ships, three skins, and a special crate to boot. Let's get into the details! 

Commander Roster

With five new arrivals, there are plenty of fresh faces to lead your fleet—let’s get down to some introductions!

New Jersey

[ver.5.0.1-2] AL New Jersey 1920x1080 EN-min.png

Base trait: Freedom Through Firepower

Main battery shells that travel over 10 km deal extra damage by up to 5%.

Unique skill: Dontcha Just Love It?

Increase damage with citadel strikes by up to 15% and tighten main battery dispersion by up to 7% for any ship type.

Despite typically being an American battleship Commander, New Jersey can also do well leading cruisers thanks to her base trait and unique skill being universal.


[ver.5.0.1-2] AL Neptune 1920x1080 EN-min.png

Base trait: Battle Rage

Increase AP shell damage as your ship sustains damage by up to 0.1% per each 1% of HP lost.

Unique skill: Goddess of the Sea

Increase damage against cruisers and destroyers by up to 7%; reduce damage against battleships by up to 7%.

Neptune is a Royal Navy Commander specialized in helming cruisers—the more damage she sustains, the more dangerous her retaliatory strikes are!


[ver.5.0.1-2] AL Roon 1920x1080 EN-min.png

Base trait: Fate Simulation

Increase cruiser's main battery traverse by up to 0.75°/s and rudder-shift speed by up to 3%.

Unique skill: Well-Rounded Armor

Reduce incoming damage to your ship while Sonar is active by up to 10%.

With the greater agility and survivability she provides, Roon is a perfect choice for your cruisers, and she’s also a decent option for Sonar-sporting German destroyers! 


[ver.5.0.1-2] AL Chapayev 1920x1080 EN-min.png

Base trait: Cavalier's Acumen

Increase chances of incapacitating enemy ship modules by up to 10%.

Unique skill: Cavalier of the Ether

Increase cruiser HE shell damage by up to 15% at the cost of reduced chances of HE shells causing fire by up to 90%.

Saint Louis 

[ver.5.0.1-2] AL Saint Louis 1920x1080 EN-min.png

Base trait: Might of Iris Libre

Reduce cooldown time for all consumables and main battery reload time—both by up to 3%.

Unique skill: Bonjour!

Increase Main Battery Reload Booster duration by up to 15% and gain one additional charge.

A great all-around Commander, Saint Louis is a solid choice for virtually any ship, especially for those of the French Navy with access to Main Battery Reload Booster. She’s a pretty compelling inspiration, too! 


Azur Lane New Jersey

[ver.5.0.1-2] VII New Jersey (ship) 1920x1080 EN-min.png

This ship is largely based on Iowa, with the following changes:

  • Increased Main Battery Range: from 17.7 to 18 km
  • Improved accuracy: sigma changed from 1.8 to 1.9
  • Improved AP and HE shell velocity
  • Decreased HP: from 70,000 to 67,000
  • Increased Main Battery Reload Time: from 30 to 31 s

Azur Lane Chapayev 

[ver.5.0.1-2] VII Chapayev (ship) 1920x1080 EN-min.png

This cruiser is based—you guessed it—on Chapayev. The changes apply, too:

  • HE shell maximum damage increased: from 2,350 to 2,850
  • AP shell maximum damage decreased: from 3,400 to 3,100
  • Fire-setting chances decreased: from 12 to 5%


Please note that to use these skins, you'll need to have the corresponding Tier VIII Tech Tree cruisers.

The Crate

The previous collaboration waves saw the crate featuring only Azur Lane Commanders, but for this wave, we’ve switched things up! This version of the Azur Lane crate has chances of dropping any of the available items from Wave IV: Commanders, ships, and skins, while it can also drop camos and Commander Progression Items. You’ll find all the drop-rate intel at https://wowslegends.com/containers/. Please note: The guarantee system is in place, meaning that you'll definitely obtain one ship at worst within each 30th container opened; to get both new Azur Lane boats, you'll have to open a maximum of 60 crates. 

Pick your favorite Azur Lane content, and turn the tide! 

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