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Tier VIII Reinforcements


Tier VIII reinforcements are already in! This text provides a bit of additional information (both historical and in-game) about the five newcomers at the highest non-Legendary tier, with each of them topping their respective Tech Tree branches. Before taking a closer look at each of the new arrivals, let's skim through the scheme of acquiring these splendid boats. 

Just like the previous Tier VIII ships, these will be available right away for Captains with researched Tier VII ships of the respective branches and sufficient XP on them. In fact, if you have 200,000 Elite XP on a ship, the newcomers will be unlocked automatically. A full upgrade from scratch requires 300,000 XP. 

Let's dive in!

American Cruiser Seattle

VIII Seattle EN-min.png

Seattle is based on U.S. light cruiser projects for a version of Cleveland with even greater AA firepower centered around a dual-purpose main battery. Seattle comes with a solid mix of the Radar, Sonar, and Repair Party consumables, backed up by a good AA suite—she’s a neat pick for American cruiser connoisseurs.

American Battleship Minnesota

VIII Minnesota EN-min.png

Minnesota is all about firepower. Based on the U.S. South Dakota class from the 1920s and with a full California-style refit, she sports twelve 16-inch (406 mm) guns with a long reach, solid armor, and torpedo protection (40%). She’s as battleship-y as it gets! 

Japanese Destroyer Kitakaze

VIII Kitakaze EN-min.png

Based on a project for a "Super Akizuki" destroyer with heavier torpedo armament and greater speed, Kitakaze is here to dish out the damage. Packing Torpedo Reload Booster with two charges and a 1x6 high-damage torpedo layout, it's not difficult to see her doing exactly that! 

British Cruiser Drake

VIII Drake EN-min.png

Drake was designed in response to growing interest in "super cruisers" worldwide, with the U.K. looking for a better heavy cruiser to combat them. Armed with 9.2-inch (234 mm) guns, equipped with Sonar, and with access to both improved HE and AP shells, Drake provides a variety of solid gameplay options at the higher tiers.   

Pan-Asian Destroyer Chung Mu 

VIII Chung Mu EN-min.png

Chung Mu is based on the well-regarded Fletcher class. This plucky Fletcher variant served in the South Korean Navy with two of her sister ships. With an interesting choice between Smoke Generator and Radar in one of her consumable slots, deepwater torpedoes, and two Torpedo Reload Booster charges on top of that—her adversaries better watch out! 

Research our new Tier VIII ships, and turn the tide!

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