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Through the Spy Glass: Carnot


Carnot is inspired by the many interesting designs for a very large French cruiser that were drawn up in the 1920s. Named after a famous French statesman, this projected ship could well have become the predecessor of the Dunkerque class if things had turned out differently.  

VIII Carnot EN-min.png

Remember the childish comfort and satisfaction the smell of a new car can bring? Or how it feels to unbox a special item you've been wanting for so long? The guilty pleasure of adding another toy to your secret collection? We know you can't physically touch Carnot, nor can you smell her or put her on your shelf, but adding her to your Port might just bring you some hints of the feelings above. This high-octane, unbridled, daredevil, heavy super cruiser packs so much punch with her ten 12-inch (305 mm) guns that she will leave some battleship Captains green with jealousy. But big guns and hard-hitting shells aren't the only thing Carnot can bring to your refined collection: extreme speed, great armor (turtleback!), and maneuverability are also among her highlights. So, you'll not only pulverize your enemies with salvo after salvo, you'll taunt them by dictating each engagement's range, time, and position—all the while shrugging off the hits if you remain smartly angled. Concealment, however, is not on the menu. For those aware of the skillsets French Commanders can offer in World of Warships: Legends—if you're not excited about this, we're doing something wrong!

Du Fournet EN-min.png

Louis Dartige du Fournet, the default Commander for the French nation, is ready to take helm of this unique warship.
His Incendiary base trait increases the HE shell damage of Carnot's main battery. Follow up with:

  • No-Fly Zone to repel carrier attacks. Carnot might be a cruiser, but her above-average size makes it difficult to evade airborne strikes.
  • Crisscross, since the only offensive or defensive weaponry Carnot has is her main battery, make sure her targets all remain in your sights, even fast ones.
  • Velocious to further increase Carnot’s already blistering speed.
  • Reaching Out XXL for extra reach on her powerful guns. 
  • Fully Packed, to benefit from extra charges of the Sonar, Defensive AA Fire, Repair Party, Engine Boost, Spotter, and Catapult Fighter consumables.

Feel free to inspire du Fournet with:

  • Günther Lütjens' Gimlet for additional main gun AP shell damage.
  • Francesco Mimbelli's Time to Make a Move for reduced main battery reload time.

Strike fast and hard with Carnot, and turn the tide!

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