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Golden Week '23

Captains, Golden Week is finally here! Let's take a quick look at what's ready for you to enjoy under the sakura trees.

Ashikaga Teru Commander Guise


This female samurai is ready to fight! Obtain her as a Commander guise for your Japanese non-collaboration Commanders. She has a unique voiceover, gold shell tracers, and special effects for sounding the horn and activating Legendary skills.

Shiro Skins

VI Nagato Shiro EN.png

These fabulous and intimidating (for your foes!) skins are available for two mighty battleships—Fusō and Nagato. Mount one to REALLY stand out in battle!

Hayate Golden Week Skin


Hayate joins the likes of Yamato, Asashio, Kongō, Suzuya, and Hyūga in getting her own themed skin. Just a reminder: You can now find this Japanese destroyer in the Store for Global XP!

Golden Week '23 Containers

New year, new crate. Don't forget to pick up your free crate in the Store! They can drop:

  • Credits
  • Global XP
  • Camos
  • Commander Progression Items
  • Golden Week skins and camos
  • Premium ship: Tier III Iwaki, Tier V Hyūga, or Tier VI Asashio

Besides, a two-week subscription for 14 containers is also available in the Store. As usual, the exact drop rates can be found here: https://wowslegends.com/containers/.

Spend some quality time with your fleet this Golden Week and turn the tide!

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