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Through the Spy Glass: Ägir

Representing a variant of the super-heavy O-class cruiser design, Ägir features high speed and the excellent level of protection that was planned for those ships, which is reflected in her solid in-game HP pool. In reality, the O-class cruisers never progressed to the construction stage despite having been planned and ordered—a lack of materials and changing shipbuilding priorities prevented it.

VIII Ägir.png

Ägir comes equipped with nine imposing 12-inch (305 mm) main battery guns, eighteen 5-inch (128 mm) secondary guns, and eight 533 mm torpedo launchers. To complement this competitive armament, she possesses a versatile set of consumables that includes Sonar, Repair Party, and Enhanced Secondary Targeting! You also have the option to trade Sonar for Defensive AA Fire with +200% damage.

Agir EN.png

We recommend the following build: Günther Lütjens with his Gimlet base trait, increasing your cruiser’s main gun AP shell damage by up to 5%.

We'll set him up with a build that makes the most of the ship’s potent Sonar and main battery armament.

  • Ingenious for increased gun traverse speed and reduced incoming splash damage (this skill also shows a warning indicator for the number of ships currently targeting your ship with their main batteries).
  • Exposé to make the most of Ägir’s long-duration Sonar consumable, increasing its duration by an additional 7.5% and its torpedo acquisition range by up to 1,200m!
  • Velocious to increase your maximum movement speed by up to 5%.
  • The newly added skill exclusive to Günther Lütjens: Loyalty to the Navy, improving your main battery shell grouping (Sigma, for the technically minded) when shooting at battleships, cruisers, or destroyers by up to 7%/3%/3%, respectively.
  • Fully Packed to improve the cooldown time for all consumables and add an additional charge for all consumables.

Regarding Inspirations, you should try:

  • Francesco Mimbelli to improve your cruiser main battery reload time by up to 6%.
  • Gunichi Mikawa to improve your ships detectability range by sea up to 6%.

Conquer the seas with Ägir and Turn the Tide!

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