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Supply Shipment: Italian Spring

Captains, a lot of the time, you ask us what the Store has to offer. We can't advise each of you, but what we can do is provide a detailed look at what you'll be able to pick up in the Store this update and when it will be available, besides the items that are always there, of course, such as Premium ships, Commanders, crates, and more. Let's dive in!

Italian Fleet in Full Force

it dd.jpg

New Early Access framework: crates stay, Random Bundles join the party

The new Italian destroyer line, already available in Early Access, sports an Exhaust Smoke Generator and SAP shells. This time, you can get one of these in the following ways:

  • Italian destroyer crates (available through Jötunn of the Seas campaign and Squadrone Sfuggente calendar), look for droprates here: https://wowslegends.com/containers/
  • Random Bundles

Random bundles are a new way to obtain items. They consist of a number of "sets" of various in-game items, with every set dropping a fixed array of goods; there's also an option to acquire all of the sets at once, thus getting all of the content included in the bundle. Each set can drop a certain number of times within each Random Bundle. You'll be able to see what your next set includes: go to the Store to check it out. 

Deals for Italian ships

This update will also see a range of Italian Premium ships receive discounts. One of the deals nets you as many as 5 ships, including Giulio Cesare and Gorizia!

5-week Calendar


Squadrone Sfuggente is a free 5-week calendar, rewarding daily and weekly prizes for completing tasks, with the big reward being the new Italian destroyer Commander Carlo Bergamini, already upgraded to rank 7! If you happen to miss any tasks, don't fret! You have the option to restore those days. However, keep in mind that restoring a day will require you to complete the missed tasks as well. The cost of restoring each day is just 100 doubloons.

Please note: as this calendar continues for the full update, Daily Boost missions won't be available for the same duration. 

You can take a detailed look at prizes in the dedicated article.

Arpeggio Comeback to the Store

A sweet surprise: Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- content will be available in full, starting May 15 and through June 5. Go to the Store to find themed ships, Commanders, and crates! 

© Ark Performance / Shonengahosha, Arpeggio Partners

New Premium Ships & a New Commander 

American Tier VII battleship Constellation

VII Constellation.png

This isn't a drill: this is a Radar battleship! Besides that, Constellation packs torpedoes, excellent artillery, and a solid anti-air suite, rounding up the set of enticing features you'll be able to experience when you get her.

Constellation will anchor in the Store from May 22. XL and XXL bundles with added goods will be in place, too. 

Italian Tier VI destroyer FR25

VI FR25.png

Exhaust Smoke Generator and SAP shells make this destroyer a solid machine to scare your foes! FR25 is ready to join the fray starting June 5, also available in XL and XXL bundles. 

Pan-American Commander Henrique Fernandes

Ferdandez EN.png

This gentleman is the new dedicated battleship Commander for Pan-American ships! You can get him through a special mission acquired with battleship Atlântico in the Store. Players who purchased it previously will receive the assignment automatically. The base trait for this Commander is as follows:

Base trait: Eagle Eye

Increase battleship main battery range by up to 3%, and increase secondaries range by up to 6%.

His new Legendary skill looks like this:

Legendary skill: Secondary interest

Add up to 2 charges for Enhanced Secondary Targeting consumable. Decrease Enhanced Secondary Targeting cooldown time by up to 35%; decrease secondaries dispersion as well as main battery and secondaries reload time while Enhanced Secondary Targeting is active, by up to 10% each.

New Frag Counter Camos in the Forge

A reminder of how these camos function: it will display the number of ships you've sunk with the ship it’s applied to, and the count will reflect all of the adversaries you've destroyed previously. The range of the ships that can sport it (previously Yamato, Shimakaze, and Worcester) was doubled: now you can show off your skill with Conqueror, Kléber, and Napoli. These permanent camos are available in the Forge.

Spring Big Crate Week 

Between June 12 and 19, you'll have a chance to pick up some of the Spring Big Crates deals, with the containers bundled with Commander Progression Items, Commanders, Premium Account days, and other goods. The range also includes 2 free Spring Big Crates! 

As usual, the exact drop rates can be found here: https://wowslegends.com/containers/

Platform Stores

A free bundle awaits you both in the Microsoft Store and in the PlayStation Store (for PS+ subscribers)! Captain's Delight, available from June 8 to August 3 July 31, includes the following goods:

  • 5 days of Premium Account
  • 1x Insignia
  • 18x Regia Marina camouflages
  • 18x Revolutionary camouflages

Amazon Prime Drop

The new Prime Drop, titled Cratenival, will be available as well, from May 18 to June 15. It includes the following goods:

  • 1 day of Premium Account
  • 5x Common Crates
  • 5x Spring Big Crates
  • 5x Hunter camouflages
  • 5x Common Commander XP Boosters
  • 5x Common Ship XP Boosters

Learn more about Prime Drop here: https://wowsl.co/3nGrUGl. Please note: Prime Drop isn't available in the mobile version of Legends.

Choose wisely and turn the tide!

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