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Full Speed Ahead: Italian Destroyers in Early Access

Captains, the all-new Italian line of destroyers is here, available through the Early Access framework and sporting Exhaust Smoke Generator and SAP shells in place of AP. That framework, however, has changed a bit, and we’ll explore that in this article. Shall we proceed? 

What hasn’t changed is the part that sees a Tier VIII ship (in this case, Adriatico) arrive with the next update, marking the branch going researchable. What has changed is the method of acquiring the ships—instead of regular and big crates, you’ll find them in regular crates and Random Bundles.

Random Bundles are simply bundles that consist of a fixed number of sets, and each of those sets drops a certain number of times within the Random Bundle. The contents of the next available set are visible to you in the Store, and you can decide between purchasing one set at a time or all sets at once. Going for all the sets will guarantee you acquiring all the Early Access ships, Tier V Premium destroyer Leone, and more in-game goods. 

Regular crates are available via the campaign (both with and without the Admiralty Backing) and Squadrone Sfuggente calendar. The exact drop rates can be found here: https://wowslegends.com/containers/. Another way you can obtain one of these ships is by keeping your eyes peeled on our socials: A giveaway with these destroyers as prizes is coming between May 22 and 29.

Italian DD EN.png

Tier II Nazario Sauro and Tier III Turbine will be available for research from the get-go if you’ve already unlocked and maxed out Tier II cruiser Taranto. The branch is represented by the following Early Access ships:

Tier IV Maestrale

IV Maestrale.png

Maestrale was the lead ship of a class of four destroyers. She entered service in 1934 and exerted significant influence on the development of the ship type in the Regia Marina. She provides the perfect start to the new line of destroyers, offering access to the primary features of the branch—Exhaust Smoke Generator and SAP shells. 

Tier V Aviere

V Aviere.png

Representing the very successful Soldati class that consisted of 19 ships, Aviere is armed with five guns housed in one single-gun and two twin-gun turrets. She brings everything her predecessor does to the table, with one extra charge of Engine Boost (for a total of four!). 

Tier VI Luca Tarigo

VI Luca Tarigo.png

The Navigatori-class ships were constructed between 1928 and 1929 in response to the emergence of large French Navy destroyers. Despite their classification as scouts, they ended up being much larger than the preceding class, with almost twice the displacement. With six guns in three twin-gun turrets, two triple-tube torpedo launchers, and four charges of Engine Boost and Exhaust Smoke Generator each, Luca Tarigo is ready to do some damage!

Tier VII Vittorio Cuniberti

VII Vittorio Cuniberti.png

A variation of the "Super Maestrale" design created in 1943, this ship in Legends bears the name of a famous Italian officer and engineer. In addition to boasting all the features of the branch, her torpedoes have an impressive 12 km reach.

The new Italian destroyer Commander, Carlo Bergamini, is available as the ultimate reward of the Squadrone Sfuggente 5-week calendar, and he’ll join your roster as a Rank 7 Commander. You can read more about the calendar here: https://wowsl.co/3nyRHQL.

Sail swiftly at the helms of our new Italian destroyers and turn the tide!

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