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4 Years on the Waves: Birthday Content

Let's prepare for the celebrations together! This blog post offers a thorough review of what you can get your hands on in this update. Let's go! 

Anniversary Goods

Seasoned Veteran Bundle


A birthday present from us to you! This bundle revolves around a new and exclusive version of cruiser Oleg, with the full list of items looking as follows:

  • Soviet Tier II Premium cruiser Oleg A
  • 2x Insignia
  • 5x Promotion Orders
  • 1x Commander crate
  • 24x Anniversary camos
  • 75x Rare Boosters (15 of each type)

The bundle will be available via your platform store starting July 31, until the update rotates on August 28.

Birthday Bureau Project

A new free Bureau Project is ready for your attention! Go through the segments, each marking a significant milestone of the past Legendary year, and earn some truly sweet rewards, including themed crates and more prizes! Start it now: the Project will be deprecated with the arrival of the next update on August 28. 

Quadrans: Rewards Await

During this update, you'll be able to earn a special event currency called Quadrans in a handful of ways: from the campaign (both with and without the Admiralty Backing), through the Treasure Hunt Web event, and by acquiring certain bundles in the Store (including the Ultimate Crate and a bundle containing Quadrans only that you can acquire for Global XP).

Here's the list of goods you can obtain with Quadrans:

  • American Tier VII Premium cruiser Congress: Powerful guns, high accuracy, and a lot of HP—a very solid cruiser to fight on!
  • British Tier V Premium battleship Repulse: High speed (with the Engine Boost consumable on board) plus accurate big guns—a killer combo!
  • Super V crate: The return of the crate that drops a Premium ship! T-61, Hyūga, Shinonome (exclusive to this crate), and other ships can be your prize. Mind you, completing the Treasure Hunt web event can bring you sufficient Quadrans to obtain the Super V crate absolutely for free!
  • Super VI crate: For the first time, the Super V crate is getting a twin! This crate is guaranteed to drop a Tier VI Premium ship, with the likes of Belfast, Scharnhorst, and Yukikaze among the possible drops.
  • Commander Progression Items, camos, and Boosters.
  • Rent-A-Ship: A special tab in the Store that allows you to take one of more than dozen Premium ships of various navies for a 7-day-long spin. Read on to learn more!

The exact droprates for the containers can be found here: https://wowslegends.com/containers/.

Ultimate Crates: “ContainING Containers!”


For this special occasion, we're also delivering new containers! Each Ultimate Crate drops a crate from one of numerous past events: from Halloween, Black Friday, the latest Lunar New Year, Golden Week, and even Super Santa '23! Acquiring these bundles will also net you some Quadrans—go look for them in the Store!

Please note: You will only receive Oil for obtaining the Ultimate Crate, and you will not receive Oil for containers that drop from the Ultimate crate.

Windroses & First Win Bonus 

As always, we're providing an option to earn even more rewards during the celebrations. Windroses, granting bonuses for the first win of the update on Tier IV–Legendary Tier ships are available from August 7 through 14, and they come alongside a First Win Bonus, improved to x5, from August 14 through 21. 

The exact layout of the Windroses looks as follows:

  • Tier IV: 2x Hunter camos
  • Tier V: 2x Anniversary camos
  • Tier VI: 3x Rare Battle Boosters
  • Tier VII: 3x Epic Battle Boosters
  • Tier VIII: 1x Summer Big Crate
  • Legendary Tier: 1x Ultimate Crate

New York Port


A special Anniversary look for your dock. Available until the end of the update!


During this update, you’ll have an option to try some Premium ships. For 1,500 Quadrans, you can obtain a Tier V, VI, or VII Premium ship (from the selection available in the Store, including Plymouth, Scharnhorst, Dunkerque, and others) to play for 7 days. Bonus: A coupon for 3,000 doubloons off the purchase of the respective ships.

Azur Lane Epic Comeback


They're back in force! Content from all four collaboration waves will be available in the Store during the Anniversary update, from July 31 through August 28. The range includes Commanders, ships, and skins. You'll also be able to pick up revamped Azur Lane Ultimate Crates: they can drop Commanders, ships, and ship skins from all four waves as well, alongside Commander Progression Items, camos, credits, Premium Account time, and Global XP.

©Manjuu & Yongshi ©Yostar

Amazon Prime Drop: Unyielding Strength

Another Drop landed on July 20! Pick it up to obtain the following goods, including an all-new Pan-European ship:

  • Tier II Premium destroyer Tátra
  • 1x Summer Big Crate
  • 10x Anniversary camouflages
  • 10x Shadow camouflages

Available until August 17. You can learn more about Prime Drop here: https://gaming.amazon.com/unyielding-strength.

Earn your prizes and turn the tide!

The following goods or features are not available on mobile: Amazon Prime Drop and the New York Port.

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