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Treasure Hunt: Better Than Ever!

Captains, the Treasure Hunt web event is back! It's now easier to complete, and you can do it without spending a single doubloon—read on for the full breakdown!

The framework of the event remains unchanged. You need to log in with your Xbox, PlayStation, Apple, Facebook, or Google account at https://wowsl.co/TH23, obtain keys, and open cells! Each cell hides treasure, and as you progress and open 16, 32, and 48 cells, you’ll get a super reward for each of these milestones! The event runs from July 26 until August 28 (7:00 UTC/2:00 CDT start and finish).

You can obtain keys in the following ways:

  • For free (just by playing the game—up to 32 over the course of the event).
  • For credits or Promotion Orders (no daily limit; 500,000 credits or 2 Promotion Orders each).

You’ll receive one free key for your first visit to Treasure Hunt web page, and you can receive up to two more daily for completing the following missions:

  • Win one battle (Standard or vs. AI) 
  • Deal 80,000 damage (Standard or vs. AI) 


Treasure breakdown for each 16 cells (allocated randomly—after 16 and 32 cells are opened, the cell field resets): 

  • 1x 10 Rare Boosters (2 of each type)
  • 2x 2 Anniversary camouflages 
  • 3x 200 Quadrans
  • 1x Ultimate crate
  • 1x Anniversary '23 Pan-Asian crate
  • 1x Anniversary '23 German crate
  • 1x Racing Legends crate
  • 1x Stellar Container II
  • 1x Commander crate
  • 1x 2 Spring Big Crates
  • 1x 2 Summer Big Crates
  • 1x 2 Fall Big Crates
  • 1x 2 Winter Big Crates

Super rewards:

  • 16 cells opened: 2,100 Quadrans
  • 32 cells opened: 2,100 Quadrans
  • 48 cells opened: 4,000 Quadrans

You can acquire a total of 10,000 Quadrans throughout the event—exactly enough for a Super V crate! It’s guaranteed to drop a Tier V Premium ship, with the likes of T-61, Hyūga, and Japanese destroyer Shinonome (exclusive to this container!) among the possible boats. You can check the drop rates for the crates here

Go hunt some treasure and turn the tide!

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