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Through the Spy Glass: Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi is based on the Ansaldo design UP.41 for a 16-inch (406 mm) gun battleship. She is effectively a sister ship to Marco Polo and includes many of the latter ship's design elements. A version of this design was sent to the Soviet Union and influenced the design of Sovetsky Soyuz.


Giuseppe Verdi is an Italian Tier VIII battleship armed with nine 16-inch (406 mm) main battery guns that fire HE and AP shells. She also comes equipped with SAP-armed secondaries, consisting of twenty-four 3.5-inch (90 mm) guns and twelve 6-inch (152 mm) guns. However, Giuseppe Verdi’s biggest strength is arguably her impressive consumable set: featuring a choice between 3.3 km Sonar with a 180-second duration and 9.5 km Radar with a 35-second duration. This makes it the third Radar-capable battleship to be added to World of Warships: Legends and the first of its tier. Accompanying this great choice of detection-focused consumables are three charges of Repair Party and a choice between Catapult Fighter, Spotter, and Enhanced Secondary Targeting.

Giuseppe Verdi shares the same shell grouping as Vittorio Veneto (1.7 sigma for the technical-minded), which isn’t great. So, this Commander build focuses on improving the shell grouping of the main battery while also boosting the capabilities of the SAP secondaries to be used in tandem with the ship’s strong detection-focused consumable set.

Verdi EN.png

We recommend the following build: Angelo Iachino with his Go Away base trait, which improves the shell grouping of your ship's main battery by up to 3% when shooting at battleships, 7% when shooting at cruisers, and 3% when shooting at destroyers.

  • Flammable Cannonier, improving your battleship main battery range by up to 8% and your shell grouping by up to 5%, but also worsening your survivability by increasing your risk of catching fire by up to 13%.
  • Gyrating Drillbits, improving your battleship gun traverse speed and increasing your main battery AP damage by up to 10%; however, this skill makes your battleship’s maximum speed up to 10% worse.
  • Properly Meticulous, improving both your secondary battery reload time by up to 15% and your enhanced secondary targeting consumable duration by up to 35%.
  • Reaching Out XXL, improving your battleship’s main battery range by up to 4%.
  • Will to Rebuild, improving the potency of your Repair Party consumable, as well as auto-repairing your health when it falls below 20% if you are within 3.5 km of an allied ship.

Regarding Inspirations, you should try:

  • Franz von Hipper, improving the range of your secondary guns by up to 15% and their shell grouping by up to 5%.
  • Andrew Cunningham, improving your battleship main battery shell grouping by 5%.

Enjoy the music of the battle and turn the tide!

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