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Through the Spy Glass: Z-44

Z-44 was a German Type 1936B destroyer that was under construction during World War II. She was launched in early 1944 but was sunk by Allied bombs in July of the same year while she was still in an incomplete state. Parts from Z-44 were used to repair Z-39, which enabled the latter ship to return to action. It was planned to arm Z-44 with five 5-inch (128 mm) guns and ten 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo launchers; her anti-aircraft armament was effective only for self-defense. She would have been the fourth Type 1936B destroyer, following the design of Z-35, Z-36, and Z-43. Now, let's take a look at her in-game qualities!

Z-44 is a German destroyer that slightly differs from the other previously released German destroyers that you're probably familiar with. She doesn't come equipped with Sonar, but she does boast potent torpedo-boat capabilities thanks to her competitive concealment (with the correct build) and fast-reloading, long-range torpedoes.


Our Commander build will focus on improving the ship traits that complement the torpedo-boat gameplay style for Z-44.


We recommend the following: Erich Bey with his Shifty base trait, which improves your destroyer's detectability by up to 4%. Additionally, we recommend the following skill selections for Erich Bey:

  • Observant Rage, improving your destroyer's main battery reload time by up to 5% and your torpedo detectability range by up to 12%; however, the trade-off of this skill is a 10% increase to your rudder-shift time.
  • Look at Me Now, improving your ship's sea detectability range by up to a further 6%.
  • Back in Stock, improving your torpedo launcher reload time by up to 8%.
  • Torpedo Royal, improving your torpedo speed by up to 2 kts and torpedo damage by up to 6%, but increasing your torpedo detectability by up to 100 m.
  • Unstoppable, improving the Damage Control Party consumable cooldown time by up to 50% when within 7.5 km proximity of an enemy ship, speeding up your engine repair time by up to 15%, and allowing for reduced mobility with a disabled engine/rudder.

Regarding inspirations, you should try:

  • Jerzy Świrski, improving your sea detectability range by up to 4%.
  • Deng Shichang, improving both your destroyer's detectability and torpedo damage by up to 3%.

Strike unannounced and turn the tide!

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