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Through the Spy Glass: Maya

Maya was the third Takao-class cruiser, part of the versatile Japanese heavy cruisers that formed the long-range striking force of the Japanese Navy. She took battle damage throughout the war, including bomb hits and ramming by a US SBD Dauntless. Maya was modernized in late 1943 with greater anti-aircraft firepower, which replaced the third turret with dual purpose guns. She was sunk by a US submarine shortly before the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944.

Maya is a Tier VI Premium Japanese cruiser that comes armed with eight 8-inch (203 mm) main battery guns loaded with devastating AP shells, and a competitive ship-to-ship combat-focused consumable loadout. This loadout is composed of Main Battery Reload Booster, Sonar, and Repair Party. However, if you wish to add some additional AA capabilities to your ship, you can trade Sonar for Defensive AA Fire, or Main Battery Reload Booster for Catapult Fighter.


With Maya, you can deal great amounts of damage to enemy cruisers with broadside strikes, and the Main Battery Reload Booster pairing comes in handy when needing a second clean-up shot to finish a target that’s been left weak. This Commander build will make the most of Maya’s strong AP shells and Main Battery Reload Booster, making it difficult for enemy ships to show you a broadside without paying a hefty health fine.


We recommend the following build: Isoroku Yamamoto with his base trait, Right Through, which improves your cruiser’s AP shell penetration multiplier by up to 6%. For skill selections, we recommend the following:

  • Beyond Range increases your cruiser's main battery range by up to 10%.
  • Igniter increases the chances of your cruiser's HE shells causing a fire by up to 3%.
  • Punch Through improves your cruiser's main battery AP shell damage by up to 10%, and your AP shell penetration multiplier by up to 6%.
  • Fixated improves both your cruiser's main battery shell grouping and main battery dispersion by up to 5% for both.
  • Fully Packed reduces your consumable cooldown time and gives you an additional consumable charge for all consumables. This gives Maya an extra heal, Sonar, and Main Battery Reload Booster.

Regarding Inspirations, you should try:

  • Gunichi Mikawa improves your cruiser’s detectability by 6%.
  • André Lemonnier improves your cruiser’s detectability time after firing the main battery guns by 25%.

Turn the tide with Maya!

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