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Holiday Freebies and Special Activities!

Ahoy, Legends! Whether you are done with the Holiday Shopping or you are into treating yourself with some in-game items, we have your back!

Let’s start with the easy one – the gifts! From DEC 28th and until JAN 4th, you can grab your Holiday gift, which contains the following: 5x Premium Days, 5x Epic Boosters of each kind, 5x Santa '21.

The first week of the update will give you an opportunity to get as many as 7x Secret Santa Containers '20 from the last New Year's Event - as a bonus to the daily free Basic Container that you can find in the store. 

From DEC 28th and until JAN 11th each time you redeem a free Generic Crate in the in-game store you will also receive 1x Secret Santa Container '21. This time - a new one! You can collect 14x Secret Santa Containers '21 if you check in daily. Cool, right?

That's not all! During these two weeks, you will be able to get one more 1x Secret Santa container '21 each day by completing the Daily Boost mission. Let's count... that's 28 Secret Santa 21' and 7 Secret Santa 20'!

Don't forget that throughout the update you'll earn Icebreaker coins by playing Legendary ships or against them, competing in Ranked Battles, or doing the Icebreaker Havoc and Icebreaker Trial missions after finishing the campaign, as well as opening Secret Santa '21 crates. Those coins can be spent on various goods in the Admiralty and—for the first time ever—you can rent a Legendary ship! Worcester, Gearing, and Conqueror can be unleashed until the end of the update for 1500 Icebreaker coins each. Please note that these ships are going to be removed at the end of the update.

To welcome our new commanders and to support dedicated players, we've prepared a FREE Jump Start bundle that you can find in your platform store. The bundle will be available to all PS+ and Xbox Live players starting DEC 21st and will be there for a couple of months. Inside you will find 1x Premium Day, 10x Type 1 Camouflage, 30x Common Boosters of each kind, and 37,000 Commander EXP. A nice thing to share with your friends and invite them to play with you during the holiday season!

For all the Legends that are working hard on their upgrades and progression, we’ll offer a discount on Elite XP to Global XP conversion — 35 XP instead of the usual 25 per doubloon. This special will last from DEC 21st to DEC 28th, so if you’ve wanted to get a Global XP ship for cheaper, this will be your chance!

In January you can expect a credit discount on researchable warships for four weeks in a row! Each week will offer a discount tech tree warships of a certain nation:

  • JAN 4th - 11th, Japanese warships Tier V - VII
  • JAN 11th - 18th, German warships Tier V - VII
  • JAN 18th - 25th, French warships Tier V - VII
  • JAN 25th - FEB 1st, Soviet warships Tier V - VII

What a holiday without a little surprise? Warhammer-inspired content will be back in the in-game store for a limited amount of time, JAN 11th - 25th. This means that our shop will once again feature Warhammer 40,000 themed ships, commanders, camouflages, and containers!

  • Tier VI Battleship Ragnarok and Commander Arthas Roqthar
  • Tier VI Battleship Ignis Purgatio, Commander Justinian Lyons
  • Primordial Annihilator Camos and Protector of the Faith Camos
  • Chaos and Imperium Containers

For a chance to get some Chaos and Imperium Containers for free, visit our Facebook page during the same period of time - we will be giving away a couple of them! 


Happy Holidays and Turn the tide!



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