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Arpeggio of Blue Steel is Back!

Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- is here again, with plenty of new items, including ships, Commanders, skins, and a new crate! Let's take a look at what this part of collaboration brings. The content is available between October 2 and November 6.




Arpeggio Musashi arrives with a lot of big guns and huge amount of HP: she is as battleshipey as it gets! The ship stats did not change compared to her previous version. 



Haguro is based on Myōkō, and is all about a rain of HE from long-range. She's also fast: get the ship and see for yourself!




Nachi is based on Myōkō too, this cruiser, compared to the original, arrives with improved AP shells, and has access to Repair Party consumable. Try her as a counter-destroyer option and see what she's capable of!


The quartet of the new Commanders comes in pairs: two of them for cruisers, two for battleships. All four are Japanese Commanders. 


A dedicated battleship Commander, Musashi improves accuracy alongside the Spotter consumable. 

Base Trait: Watching You

Reduce main battery shell dispersion while Spotter consumable is active, by up to 8%.

Unique skill: Gun Layer

Increase Spotter consumable duration time by up to 25%; decrease AP shell fuse timer by up to 25%. 


Yamato is perfect to waging warfare from long-range in your battleship. However, the second part of her unique skill can be used on all ship classes that want to strike with their artillery from afar. 

Base Trait: Blink Of An Eye

Increase battleship main battery traverse speed by up to 0.75°/sec, and reduce main battery shell dispersion by up to 2%.   

Unique skill: Long Arm of Justice

Increase battleship main battery range by up to 5%; increase damage of main battery shells that travel over 10 km, by up to 5%. 


Did you order a long-range rain of fire? Haguro got you covered. 

Base Trait: The Deck Is On Fire

Increase cruiser main battery range by up to 3%, and increase cruiser HE shell fire-setting chances by up to 1.6%.

Unique skill: Hellfire

Increase cruiser main battery HE shell damage by up to 7%, and HE shell armor penetration by up to 6%.  


Improved maneuverability and speed, and more combat damage: that's what Nachi is here for! 

Base Trait: Faster Than Light

Decrease rudder shift time by up to 3%; increase cruiser maximum speed by up to 2%.

Unique skill: Deadly Assault

Increase cruiser AP shell damage and armor-piercing capabilities by up to 5% each, as well as minimum and guaranteed ricochet angle by up to 5° both.




A perfect signature look for the Legendary battleship.



Musashi looks incredible in this one, doesn't she?


The new Arpeggio crate includes Commander Progression Items, credits, camos, Global XP, and a chance to get one of the new themed Commanders, ships, and skins (both ships and skins come with their corresponding flags).

As usual, you can find drop rates here. Besides, flags of each Commander are available through Store bundles.

One more option to acquire Arpeggio goods is taking part in our giveaway, happening on Facebook during this update. Keep your eyes peeled! 

Take on the Fleet of Fog — or join it — and turn the tide! 

© Ark Performance / Shonengahosha, Arpeggio Partners

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