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For King and Country: British Alternate Battleships in Early Access

Captains! British alternate battleships (or battlecruisers, if you prefer how that sounds) are available via the Early Access framework. Each ship comes with a personal mission, and all the ships of this line have big guns; high speed, further reinforced by Engine Boost; and all-new turning torpedoes. These torpedoes work in the same way as regular torpedoes, but they can turn after being fired if that allows for better targeting. Let's take a look at the line!

The ships can be acquired from British Battleships Big Crates and regular ones, with the guarantee system being in place for the former. Besides useful in-game goods such as Commander Progression Items, these crates include Tier V Premium battleship Warspite in their possible contents. Both types of British Battleships crates are available via the campaign (with or without the Admiralty Backing), Royal Duties Calendar, and the Store. The Calendar also allows you to recruit a dedicated exclusive Commander for this line, John Fisher, already upgraded to Rank 7. You can find the exact drop rates for the crates, as well as details on how the guarantee system functions, here: https://wowslegends.com/containers/. Another way you can obtain one of these ships is by keeping your eyes peeled on our socials: we're running a giveaway with them as prizes from October 13 through 20.

Tier IV Tiger


Based on a design that was ordered by Japan and built in Britain, producing battleship Kongō, Tiger was laid down in 1912 and entered service in 1914, as a part of the 1st Battlecruiser Squadron. She saw action during the Battle of Dogger Bank, sustaining six hits, and she survived taking as many as 18 hits—largely from heavy guns—without suffering crippling damage at the Battle of Jutland a year later. 

High speed, a great artillery suite, and turning torpedoes: Tiger is a solid representative of the branch. With triple charges of Enhanced Secondary Targeting and Repair Party, a double chance to use Engine Boost, and 13.5-inch (343 mm) guns, she's your ideal start to exploring this line!

Tier V Renown


One of the largest and fastest battlecruisers of her time, Renown was launched in 1916 as part of a two-ship class. She underwent further modernization (and was nicknamed "Refit") before seeing action in multiple theaters of World War II, including the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Indian Ocean. 

Compared to Tiger, Renown boasts even bigger guns: six 15-inch (381 mm) barrels. She also packs all the other features of the branch and rapid reload for her main battery—one of the best at her tier.

Tier VI Rooke


A smaller variant of the humongous K2 and K3 designs, labeled J3, Rooke should have been able to pass both the Suez and Panama Canals, as well as use the same docks as Hood; however, the project wasn't fulfilled. 

The guns aren't any bigger in this case, but there are more of them: nine instead of six! Paired with solid concealment by battleship standards and all of the line distinctions in place, Rooke is definitely a solid pick. 

Tier VII Hawke


Another take on the K2 and K3 projects, this is the attempt to make the ships smaller with a reduction in gun caliber. The Admiralty ultimately decided against the idea. 

Bring out the big guns: Hawke brings to the battle nine 16-inch (406 mm) artillery pieces housed in three triple-gun turrets! Further improved with a solid AA suite, she's a great line-topper until Duncan arrives.

Turn the tide with the new British battleships!

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