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Through the Spy Glass: Resistance

Resistance is a hypothetical third Renown-class battlecruiser that might have existed had the Royal Navy been able to secure funding to rework the final Revenge-class battleship into another battlecruiser. The Renown-class battlecruisers that were made were actually built due to the way the dockyard contracts were established, in addition to Admiral John Fisher gaining approval for them to be ordered in place of the original Revenge-class ships. Historically, Resistance was outright cancelled, but she potentially could have joined Renown and Repulse in becoming a battlecruiser had things turned out differently. 


Resistance is a Tier VI Renown-class battlecruiser armed with six 15-inch (381 mm) guns and eight single torpedo tubes in a similar arrangement to Tier V Renown. However, Resistance has improved shell grouping (2.0 instead of Renown's 1.8), a slightly faster reload speed, and significantly stronger torpedoes. She's also stealthier. Her consumable setup of Repair Party and Engine Boost is fairly standard, but she also has a choice between Defensive AA Fire or Enhanced Secondary Targeting. We'll play into her designed high-speed sniping playstyle with her Commander setup, using an accuracy build. If you're feeling inventive, be sure to unlock new Commander John Fisher via the Calendar, as he's also a strong choice for this vessel.


We recommend the following build: Andrew Cunningham with his Concentrated Devastation base trait, improving your battleship's main battery shell grouping by up to 5%.

  • Flammable Cannonier, improving your ship's main battery range by up to 8% and main battery shell grouping by up to 5% at the cost of increasing your risk of catching fire by up to 13%.
  • Crisscross, improving the battleship's main battery traverse speed by up to 1.2 degrees per second.
  • On Second Thought..., improving your battleship's shell-type switching time by up to 55% and main battery reload time by up to 5%.
  • Emergency Specialist, improving your ship's Damage Control Party cooldown time by up to 30% at the cost of a 70% reduction of its duration.
  • Fight Fire With Fire, reducing fire damage to your ship by up to 15% per fire and preventing triple or quadruple fires while your Damage Control Party is on cooldown.

Regarding Inspirations, you should try:

  • Paolo di Revel to improve your battleship's main battery reload time by up to 5%.
  • Nobutake Kondō to reduce your battleship's detectability by up to 6%.

Give your enemies plenty of trouble with Resistance's accurate guns and high speed, and turn the tide!

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