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The Wave of Darkness: Halloween Starts

Greetings, captains! 'Tis about time we took a closer look at our Halloween plans, and today's date is quite fitting! The event starts on Monday, October 16, and continues for 3 weeks until November 6, with the darkness lifting only when the new update lands. Our long-running saga is reaching its conclusion: it's once again time to save Transylvania and the world from Rasputin and his horde, now with the help of the children of the heroes from last year. Let's take a deep dive into the details!

The Operation


You're tasked with protecting Transylvania against Rasputin and his numerous minions. You can look forward to four tiers of difficulty, and each of them (except Nightmare) can be completed with up to five stars, depending on the number of objectives fulfilled. The difficulty levels are as follows:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard 
  • Nightmare: This one includes multiple Circles (nine, to be precise), with a secret prize at the 5th — more on that down below

Gather your friends to complete it—you're going to need them! Teamwork is key, especially at the Hard and Nightmare tiers. To make it as fun as possible, we've enabled five-player Divisions for this event (also available in Versus AI battles)! You'll be presented with a choice of three unique ships (with special consumables)—one of each type, except carriers. Special Commanders are in place as well, starting out at Rank 1, and you'll earn Soul Spheres to upgrade them as you progress through the event. Get out there and save the world: it needs you and your fellow captains!

The Prizes


The main reward is Havoc Coins (don't mix them up with Soul Spheres, which are used exclusively for upgrading the event Commanders). You'll be able to purchase special items from the corresponding spooky tab in the Store using the Coins. There are three ways of getting them: completing the event with 5 stars at various difficulty tiers, fulfilling weekly event missions, and purchasing certain deals in the Store.

Havoc Coins can be spent on the Commander guises of this year's heroes, Commander Progression Items, and even the dark mastermind Rasputin (Tier V battleship) for the first time ever!


Here's a breakdown of the Havoc Coins you can get for free:

  • Up to 6,500 for completing three tiers of the event with 5 stars and all 9 Circles of Nightmare (500 for Easy; 1,500 for Normal; 3,500 for Hard; and 1,000 for Nightmare).
  • Up to 1,500 and 1x Halloween '23 crate (which drops a variety of Halloween skins or exclusive Tier VI battleship Leviathan, among other items) for completing all weekly missions within the event each week—for a total of 4,500 Havoc Coins and 3x crates. 

Beating Nightmare Circle 5 will net you a surprise ship reward—you'll have to get out there and start fighting to find out what it is!

Turn the tide with bravery!

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