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Black Friday: Ships & Sales

Captains, Black Friday is here! Let's take a look at the content and deals awaiting you in the Store, shall we?

New Black Ships

A quartet of these sleek beauties will be available to obtain, with Tirpitz B and Napoli B headlining the party. All of them, except Napoli, can be obtained in standalone bundles in the Store that include a respective flag for each. As for Napoli, she's available only in revamped Black Friday '23 crates (the guarantee system is in place for all the ships—you can find out more about that, as well as the exact droprates here). If Napoli is already in your possession because you completed her Bureau Project, you can purchase a black skin for her.

Italian Legendary Tier Cruiser Napoli B


Heavily armed and heavily armored, Napoli comes with SAP shells for her secondary battery alongside powerful AP, high HP, speed, and great concealment. She's a real beauty, too! 

German Tier VII Premium Battleship Tirpitz B


A household historical name, Tirpitz isn't only good looking—she has some strengths, too! High HP, accuracy, rapid-reloading guns, and solid armor alongside torpedoes make her a good pick to venture out on the high seas! 

Japanese Tier VI Premium Destroyer Asashio B


Torpedo Reload Booster, Smoke Generator, Engine Boost, and deadly torpedoes: the perfect set to wage war from the shadows. The ninja look is certainly fitting! 

French Tier V Premium Battleship Dunkerque B


Powerful guns, rapid reload, and high speed: Dunkerque does things on her own terms! Oh, and of course, she looks glorious. 

Freebies and Offers


First of all, don't forget to pick up your free Black Friday '23 crate in the Store. Besides that, two free sets of coupons are available to you: one set ready from the get-go, including three coupons for 30% off select Tier V, VI, and VII ships (one for each tier), and one set arriving on November 24, which will help you stock up on doubloons. Save that date: a lot of the most lucrative deals (with discounts of up to 85% on certain items!) will be available from then until the end of the update on December 11, when we'll start our holiday preparations! 

One more discount will remain active throughout the entire update: 30% off credit prices for all Tier VIII researchable ships. There's no better time to get yourself one! 

Spend Black Friday with us, and turn the tide! 

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