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Fleet Battles: Everything You Need to Know

Ahoy, valiant Captains and illustrious leaders! Welcome to the first instalment of Fleet Battles, starting November 8 and running throughout the entire update on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with the Prime Time for each of these days starting and ending at 00:00 UTC. Please note: This feature is not yet available for the mobile version of Legends. 

Let's take a look at some of the questions you might have! 


What Are Fleet Battles?

They are a great chance to show off your skills and teamplay, and of course—they are the perfect way to have fun alongside your Fleet members as you fight in 5-player Divisions together. 

Who can lead Fleets into battle?

Only the Fleet Commander or one of their Deputies, with no exceptions. 

Are there any ship-type restrictions?

Yes: No carriers are allowed, but you're probably used to this if you've fought in Ranked Battles, Arena Battles, or Brawls. Besides that, teams can include a maximum of one battleship. This time, only Tier VII ships are eligible to enter. 


Can I get prizes?

Completing special free missions in Fleet Battles will net you a patch, flag, and base, and you can also earn Steel by completing weekly assignments! Going forward, we plan to implement a leaderboard (currently in the works) and add more prizes to the pool. 

How do the economics work?

Each and every member of the Fleet receives the same amount of post-battle resources (i.e., credits and XP). Economic bonuses usually provided by Premium ships do not apply in Fleet Battles. Boosters and Premium Account still affect Fleet Battle earnings.

Are there any Fleet Battle-specific battle scenarios and maps?

Yes, we've prepared some of that—head into battle and see for yourself!

Conquer Fleet Battles with your teammates, and turn the tide!

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