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Through the Spy Glass: Hizen

Hizen is based on a design project for the Yamato class known as A-140 J3,which called for a balanced super battleship armed with twelve 16.1-inch (410 mm) guns in four triple-gun turrets.

Hizen is similar in layout and capability to the Montana class, but she's thoroughly Japanese in her design features and traits. She's one of many Yamato designs with a mixed diesel-and-steam propulsion system, split half and half. Like all Yamato-class designs, she has an extensive hangar and a floatplane section at her stern.


Hizen is a Japanese Tier VIII Premium battleship based on a Yamato-class design (A-140 J3). She's armed with twelve 410 mm main battery guns and has the lowest concealment in the game among Tier VIII battleships (15.1 km). Additionally, her consumable loadout features Damage Control Party; two charges of Repair Party; and a choice between Catapult Fighter, Spotter, and Enhanced Secondary Targeting.

Due to the large number of high-caliber main battery guns and above-average shell grouping (1.85 Sigma for the technical-minded), Hizen excels at a playstyle similar to Minnesota—dishing out high-damage salvos and breaking through enemy lines established at objectives.

takagi new.png

We recommend the following build: Takeo Takagi with his base trait Phoenix, increasing the maximum amount of HP the Repair Party consumable restores. For skill selections, we recommend the following:

  • Flammable Cannonier, increasing your battleship's main battery range by up to 8% and shell grouping by up to 5%, but also negatively increasing your chances of catching fire by up to 13%.
  • Gyrating Drillbits, improving your battleship's main battery gun turret traverse speed and AP shell damage by up to 10%; however, it negatively reduces your battleship's top speed by up to 10%.
  • Marksmanship, improving your main battery gun dispersion by up to 10% but worsening your rudder-shift time by 5%.
  • Reaching Out XXL, improving your main battery gun firing range by up to 4%.
  • Fight Fire With Fire, removing damage over time effects from fire and flooding when you have three active fires while your Damage Control Party is on cooldown. Additionally, it reduces fire damage to your ship for each active fire by up to 15%.

Regarding Inspirations, you should try:

  • Angelo Iachino, improving your shell grouping when shooting at battleships, cruisers, and destroyers by up to 3%, 7%, and 3%, respectively.
  • Otto Ciliax, improving your battleship's main battery gun AP shell damage by up to 5%.

Deal loads of damage and turn the tide with Hizen! 

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