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Santa's New Crates and How They Work

Ahoy, brave Captains! With the winter update, we're introducing a new take on our Ultimate Crates in the form of Santa crates of five different levels! While the concept is probably already familiar to you since Ultimate Crates have made an appearance during our Anniversary update, let's take a fresh look at the new containers. If you prefer deconstructing things yourself, here's the link: https://wowslegends.com/containers/.

There are five levels of Santa crates, and only Level 1 and 3 are available to purchase in the Store. These crates can drop various Premium ships, and Levels 3–5 can drop unique rewards such as rare or Legendary ships (more on them later!), Commander Progression Items, or other in-game goods. However, the most remarkable feature of this container is that—just like the first iteration of the Ultimate Crate—it can drop another crate, in this case basically "upgrading" your crate by up to two levels! This means that even opening a Level 1 crate can lead to you getting a Level 5 crate because a Level 2 or 3 crate can drop from it, and a higher-level crate can then drop from whichever crate you receive. The higher the level of the crate, the better your chances of getting more awesome rewards. Just to sum up:

  • Level 1 crate can drop Level 2 and 3 crates
  • Level 2 crate can drop Level 3 and 4 crates
  • Level 3 crate can drop Level 4 and 5 crates
  • Level 4 crate can drop Level 5 crates


One more thing to highlight is the list of ships that can drop from these crates. Just keep in mind that the "rare" ones drop only from crates of Level 3 and higher. It's the holiday season, so we've decided to include as many "rare" or typically unavailable ships as possible, with the warship lineup revolving around such household names as:

  • Soviet Tier VII Premium battleship Lenin 
  • French Tier VII Premium battleship Jean Bart
  • British Tier VII Premium battleship Lion
  • Soviet Legendary cruiser Stalingrad
  • Japanese Legendary cruiser Yoshino 
  • Japanese Tier VIII Premium battleship Musashi

Happy holidays and turn the tide!

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