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Early Access: Doubling Up

Two new Early Access branches have graced our waters this update: French heavy cruisers and German alternative destroyers. We're here to take a closer look at each of the ships and remind you how the Early Access framework functions—let's get to it! 

During this update, you can get these ships from French Cruiser and German Destroyer crates (these can be obtained through the campaign or Brawl Season 16, coming next year) or from dedicated random bundles. The droprates for the crate can be found here: https://wowslegends.com/containers/. You can also join a giveaway that might just provide you with some of these crates on our Facebook page.

All Early Access ships come with a personal mission that's available to complete until February 19, 2024. As usual, Tier VIII Brest and Tier VIII F. Schultz will become available to all players with the next update, marking both branches going researchable via the Tech Tree. In general, these French cruisers are about long-range and large-caliber artillery for the ship type, and another feature is access to Engine Boost. As for the German newcomers, they are more on the gunboat side of destroyer gameplay, with great artillery stats and Smoke Generator in place. Let's dig into the details, spiced up by some historical bits! 

French Tier VI Cruiser Toulon


Toulon is based on a 1926 French project for a 17,500-ton battlecruiser or cruiser-hunter; however, the design was never used as it didn't provide sufficient protection against battleship guns. Had such a ship been built, the Washington Naval Treaty imposed a 70,000-ton limit for large warships on the nation, so the 17,500-ton design would have allowed for four of these large cruisers to be added to the French fleet.

Toulon is armed with two 12-inch (305 mm) quadruple-gun main battery turrets. Eight guns; good defenses; and the consumable trio of Sonar, Repair Party, and Engine Boost—she's well prepared for naval engagements!

French Tier VII Cruiser Cherbourg


Cherbourg is an example of the next step in French large cruiser design from 1930 for a 23,333-ton series of ships. Due to this displacement, the Washington Naval Treaty would have allowed France to have only three such ships. In 1931, an even larger ship was desired, so the design evolved. The result was a ship design that was intended to counter the heavy cruisers of the Italian Navy and the Deutschland-class cruisers that were under construction.

Cherbourg is armed with eight 12-inch (305 mm) guns in two quadruple-gun turrets. While similar to Toulon, Cherbourg packs two important features: the first one is the access to Main Battery Reload Booster, and the second is improved AA capabilities. Rain down fire on your foes with her!

German Tier VI Destroyer Z-31


Z-31 is a Type 1936A (Mob) destroyer armed with large 5.9-inch (150 mm) main battery guns. She served from 1942 in the Kriegsmarine, taking part in the Battle of Barents Sea alongside Admiral Hipper and Lützow in December 1942, and she then joined the Marine Nationale after the war. Z-31 left French service in 1958 and was scrapped in the 1960s.

Solid concealment, good guns, eight torps: as mentioned earlier, Z-31 is a good option if you prefer gunboat gameplay.

German Tier VII Destroyer G. J. Maerker


Gustav-Julius Maerker is based on the Type 1937J-class destroyer design, which aimed to combine heavy firepower, long-range cruising, and decent speed at a relatively small displacement. However, the design was considered unfeasible, and the project was canceled in 1938. Maerker is a large destroyer—nearly reaching the size of a small cruiser. Armed with five 5.9-inch (150 mm) guns and torpedoes, she's a fearsome opponent.

Compared to Z-31, Maerker packs one more gun of the same 5.9-inch (150 mm) caliber. The ship also has an interesting torpedo armament configuration, with one quadruple- and two twin-tube torpedo launchers.

Get the new ships and turn the tide!

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