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Legends 2023: Stats, Stats, Stats!

Captains, what a year that was! We certainly hope for even more in 2024, but we want to take a moment to express our gratitude—we're sending a heartfelt "thank you" for sharing the Legendary seas with us, spending countless hours tuning your builds, perfecting seafaring, and mastering the subtle craft of destroying your foes. Wait, did we say countless? That's not exactly correct: we're here to show you some of the numbers of this past year! 













A quick look at the most interesting stats:

  • You've added a whopping number of more than 17 million ships to your Ports. That's like the biggest navy ever!
  • All these additions resulted in more than 26 billion shells and torpedoes being fired, and more than 10 billion hit their targets. Not bad!
  • 241 million ships went to feed the fishes. Another huge number!
  • USN Tier IV cruiser Omaha has become our most popular ship with more than 4 million battles in total.
  • You really liked the new Fleets feature: more than 21,000 of those are active on our seas, with earned Oil amounting to over 756 million!
  • You've all spent close to 4,000 years in total in-game: wow! 
  • The iconic duo did not disappoint: Bismarck managed to recreate the sinking of Hood 2,561 times, while Hood took her revenge by sinking Bismarck 2,859 times. We're calling it a draw, for now.

You can also take a look at a video with members of our team wishing you all the best for the holiday season and upcoming year right here:

Happy holidays, and turn the tide in 2024!

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