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Supply Shipment: New goods for New Year

Captains, new year comes with new items! We are bringing you the traditional breakdown of the content you can find in the Store. Let's take a look!

Azur Lane: Wave 5 is here!

Azur Lane wave 5.png

Rejoice, Commanders! Azur Lane is coming back to our seas with 5 new Commanders, including Iron Blood leader Bismarck and Sardegna Empire’s very own Zara, 3 new ships, 2 skins, and a special crate.

Lunar New Year Content Comeback


A return of themed skins, crates, camos, Tier VII Northern Dragon destroyer, and the star of the show, Celestial Guardian Commander guise, will be happening between January 29 and February 19. Don't miss it!

Commander Progression Items: Bundled Up and Ready to Go! 

MicrosoftTeams-image (87).png

During the same days Lunar New Year content will be with us, you'll be able to acquire a variety of Commander Progression Items in various bundles, including an option to get the exact amount of resources to upgrade one Commander from level 1 to Level 16. More items available alongside!

One more thing to notice: you can now acquire Commanders directly from the Commanders tab. 

Pick up the content you like the most and turn the tide! 

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