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Through the Spy Glass: Jäger

During the First World War, the Austro-Hungarian Navy was looking into ever-larger destroyer designs, up to their 1917 MTK "2,000-ton Torpedofahrzeug," which Jäger is based on. The original design called for four 5.9-inch (150 mm) main battery guns, and these large guns were seen as the minimum that would be adequate to disable enemy destroyers with one or two shells. Heavily armed with torpedoes, these ships were to be the new destroyer leaders of the kaiserliche und königliche Kriegsmarine.


Jäger is a Pan-European Tier VII Premium destroyer known for her efficient torpedo system. It features fast-reloading, low-yield torpedoes spread across four launchers with three tubes each. The ship can maintain a notable top speed and concealment, complemented by a practical set of consumables that include Engine Boost, Repair Party, and Torpedo Reload Booster.

Jäger's commendable top speed, along with her Torpedo Reload Booster and concealment, enables her to efficiently engage in and disengage from conflicts. She can swiftly deploy 24 torpedoes into the water before promptly withdrawing; however, it's worth noting that these torpedoes have slightly lower flooding chances compared to her Pan-European destroyer counterparts.


We recommend playing Jäger with a torpedo focus. That said, we suggest the following Commander: Conrad Helfrich with his Vespiary base trait, improving your ship's average AA damage per second by up to 5%, and maximum movement speed by up to 3%.

For the skill selection:

  • Contact Is Imminent, increasing the speed of your torpedoes by up to 4 kts.
  • Look at Me Now, improving your ship's sea detectability range by up to 6%.
  • Back in Stock, improving your torpedo launcher reload time by up to 8%.
  • Stand or Fall, improving your torpedo launcher and main/secondary battery reload time per 1% of HP lost by up to 0.2%.
  • Unstoppable, improving your engine repair time by up to 15% and allowing for reduced mobility with a disabled engine/rudder.

For inspirations:

  • Erich Bey, improving your destroyer's concealment by up to 4%.
  • Albert Gleaves, improving the range of your torpedoes by up to 6%.

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