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Join the Planet Clash—Fight Against Evil Forces!

Attention, Captains! We’ve detected enemy forces on the horizon—well, not exactly on the horizon, but up in the sky! The Resistance has reported that mighty space battleship Alldestroyer is fleeing the planet with very important documents, and it’s of grave importance to retrieve them as soon as possible. It's time to leave the surface and head straight up into the space to confront the Alldestroyer and help your allies! 

These dramatic events are unfolding as part of our April Fools' Day Operation. But don’t think it’s a joke: the destiny of the Resistance is now in your hands!

To help the Resistance, complete a series of Planet Clash missions available from March 25 through April 15. You'll take control of three powerful spaceships designed specifically for this event: space destroyer Achilles, battleship Avenger, and cruiser Zaya. These spaceships feature fun and unique abilities, and they all have their own sleek, futuristic look. Meet the Commanders of each ship:

  • Elke Stahl, the seasoned Commander of space destroyer Achilles. She has a reputation for being a stern and fair-minded leader. 
  • Hiss Laessar, the reptilian Commander of space battleship Avenger. He possesses a cunning and enigmatic personality, driven by power and ambition.  
  • Vohlda O, Commander of notorious space cruiser Zaya. She's a chaotic and charismatic leader from a subterranean humanoid race. 

These Commanders are set to fight against High Admiral Malachar, the feared and ruthless ruler of the ominous Shadow Armada.  


Participate in the Planet Clash event and earn Stellar Chips—a currency that can be used anywhere in the Galaxy! The sum of Stellar Chips you can obtain from each mission depends on its difficulty level, which you can choose yourself. Use Stellar Chips to obtain goods in the Store during the Planet Clash event from March 25 through April 22: 

  • Tier VI destroyer Achilles, which looks exactly like the Achilles spaceship from the event. 
  • Four space Commander guises, each with their own special voiceover. 
  • Stellar Container III, which can drop previous space event Commanders and a variety of space-themed skins, Commander Progression Items, and other goods. 

Additionally, you can get unique spaceship skins for cruiser Zaō and battleship Amagi, giving them the appearance of spaceships Zaya and Avenger. These skins are available in the Store for doubloons.

During the event, you can also receive Cyberons—another space currency for use in upgrading your Planet Clash Commanders. 

Turn on your engines, reach hypersonic speed, and rush toward the skies to join the epic Planet Clash of good versus evil! 

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