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Fleet From the Eastern Seas: New Japanese Light Cruisers in Early Access

Captains, we’re excited to present you a new Tech Tree line for Japan: five light cruisers from Tier IV to Tier VIII! Four of them are already available in Early Access: Agano, Gokase, Omono, and Shimanto. The Tier VIII ship, Takahashi, will become available to research via the Tech Tree with the next update. Each of the new ships is equipped with heavy torpedo armament, and starting from Tier VI, this includes turning torpedoes that can alter their course after being launched, allowing more aggressive launch angles. Abundant main battery guns and reliable concealment make the new Japanese cruisers versatile in battle. Additionally, we’ve prepared a series of Fleet Review skins specifically tailored for this new line of ships. As always, each ship comes with a personal mission, this time available until May 24, 2024.

During this update, you can acquire the new Japanese ships from special crates which can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Via the Sveriges Sällhet campaign (5x Japanese Cruisers crates and 1x Japanese Cruisers Big Crate).
  • By completing the Night Warrior Calendar (6x Japanese Cruisers crates and 1x Japanese Cruisers Big Crate).
  • Through a series of missions featuring the legendary battleship Yamato, available from April 4 through 11 (3x Japanese Cruisers crates).
  • By purchasing the crates in the Store (including a few crates available for credits and Global XP).

You can find more information about the crate contents here: https://wowslegends.com/containers/.

It’s time to take a look at the line!

Tier IV Agano


Development of the Agano-class light cruisers started in the late 1930s. Since their main purpose was reconnaissance, they were designed for high speed, resulting in weaker armor. Cruiser Agano is armed with six 6-inch (152 mm) guns housed in three turrets. She participated in escort and patrol duties during World War II and took part in the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay. On February 17, 1944, Agano was sunk by submarine USS Skate while en route for repairs.

With her powerful torpedo armament, excellent concealment, and high speed, Agano is the perfect starting point to explore the new Japanese Tech Tree line.

Tier V Gokase


The design process for light cruiser Gokase was initiated as a result of the Japanese Navy's replenishment program in 1943. This new ship was intended to lead the Shimakaze-class destroyer flotillas. Based on the Agano-class cruisers, the Gokase project featured an increased number of main battery turrets, as well as strengthened propulsion units and AA defenses. After the Battle of Midway, adjustments were made to the program, leading to the cancellation of the construction order in June 1943.

Compared to Agano, Gokase boasts even better HE damage, higher speed, and superior concealment, making her a reliable option for any battle.

Tier VI Omono


Light cruiser Omono was developed in 1944 based on the Ōyodo-class cruisers, which served as flagships for submarine squadrons. She had four triple-gun turrets housing 6.1-inch (155 mm) guns. In comparison to her predecessors, Omono lacked an aft-end hangar, had her catapult relocated to the center, had two torpedo launchers added, and her AA defenses were enhanced.

Twelve guns with good firing range, strong torpedoes, and effective concealment make Omono a solid choice for taking to the seas.

Tier VII Shimanto


Shimanto was designed in 1944 as an anti-aircraft defense cruiser based on the Mogami-class cruisers. She was equipped with dual-purpose 5.9-inch (150 mm) guns and 3.9-inch (100 mm) AA guns, which allowed her to effectively counter American deck- and ground-based aviation threats.

Boasting a significant number of guns and enhanced by a robust AA suite, Shimanto excels as a line leader until Takahashi joins the fleet.

Tier VIII Takahashi

The Takahashi cruiser design was created in 1944 as a part of the Japanese Navy replenishment program. The initial project included the construction of two cruisers with fifteen 6.1-inch (155 mm) guns housed in triple-gun turrets; however, this project was never executed. Instead, an alternative design was developed, resulting in the Takahashi anti-aircraft defense cruiser. This variant was armed with dual-purpose 5.9-inch (150 mm) guns and was intended to counter both American deck- and ground-based aviation threats.

You’ll be able to explore Takahashi’s formidable armament and vigorous performance in the next update after researching her via the Tech Tree.

Change the course of battle with the new Japanese cruisers!

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