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Through the Spy Glass: Karl Johan XIV

This battleship can unleash a spread of 16 fast-traveling Pan-European torpedoes (yes, sixteen, you read that right!), and she's packing main battery armament of twelve 305 mm guns, strong anti-aircraft defenses, and a practical consumable loadout with Repair Party, Sonar, and Enhanced Secondary Targeting.


We suggest the following Commander: Janko Vukovich, with his base trait Stone Skinned protecting you against fire by reducing their duration by up to 10%.

Janko_Vukovich _en.jpg

For the skill selection:

  • Reckless Gunman: Improving the reload time of your battleship’s main battery by up to 8% but worsening your acquisition range of enemy torpedoes by up to 15%.
  • Porcupine: Improving the range, accuracy, and dispersion of your secondary battery by up to 12%, 15%, and 18%, respectively.
  • Firefighter: Reducing both your risk of catching fire and the cooldown time of your Damage Control Party consumable by up to 15%; also reduces the maximum number of concurrent fires on your ship to three. However, it worsens the duration of your Damage Control Party by up to 40%
  • Properly Meticulous: Improving your secondary battery reload time by up to 15% and increasing the duration of your Enhanced Secondary Targeting consumable by up to 35%.
  • Running With Scissors: Improving the traverse time of your battleship’s main battery guns by up to 1.6°/s. and rudder-shift time by up to 10%. Additionally, when in close proximity to an enemy ship, the shells fired by your main guns deal up to 15% additional damage. However, this skill worsens your main battery dispersion by up to 3%. 


  • Franz von Hipper: Improving both the range and shell grouping of your secondary battery guns by up to 15% and 5%, respectively.
  • Angelo Iachino: Improving your battleship's main battery shell grouping when shooting at battleships, cruisers, and destroyers by up to 3%, 7%, and 3%, respectively.

Ship upgrades:

  • Secondary Battery Mod. 2
  • Propulsion Mod. 2
  • Concealment System Mod. 1
  • Main Battery Mod. 3

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