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Through the Spy Glass: Daisen

Daisen is a battleship designed for combat across a wide range of scenarios, featuring eight 410 mm guns in four twin-gun turrets, a strong secondary battery, and 16 powerful long-range torpedoes. In addition to her versatile armament, Daisen offers a completely unique Enhanced Secondary Targeting consumable (high number of charges, fast cooldown, and increased accuracy; however—reduced active duration time), and a unique Engine Boost consumable (increases top speed by 12%—one of the best for battleships!), both of which are tailored specifically for the ship. Alternatively, you can swap the Enhanced Secondary Targeting consumable for Catapult Fighter or Spotter.


We suggest the following Commander: Takeo Takagi with his base trait Phoenix improving the total HP restored by your Repair Party consumable.


For the skill selection:

  • Flammable Cannonier, increasing your battleship's main battery range by up to 8% and shell grouping by up to 5%, but also increasing your chances of catching fire by up to 13%.
  • Gyrating Drillbits, improving your battleship’s gun traverse speed and increasing your main battery AP shell damage by up to 10%. However, this skill has a negative trade-off that makes your battleship's maximum speed up to 10% worse.
  • Marksmanship, improving your main battery dispersion by up to 10%, but worsening your rudder-shift time by 5%.
  • Properly Meticulous, improving your secondary battery reload time by up to 15% and your Enhanced Secondary Targeting consumable duration by up to 35%.
  • Fight Fire with Fire, removing damage over time effects (fire/flooding) when you have three active fires while your Damage Control Party is on cooldown. Also reduces fire damage to your ship by 15% for each active fire.


  • Angelo Iachino, improving your battleship main battery shell grouping when shooting at battleships, cruisers, and destroyers by up to 3%, 7%, and 3%, respectively.
  • Franz von Hipper, improving the range of your secondary guns by up to 15% and their shell grouping by up to 5%

Ship upgrades:

  • Secondary Battery Mod. 2
  • Propulsion Mod. 2
  • Concealment System Mod. 1
  • Main Battery Mod. 3

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