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Join the Epic Journey to the Roman Empire!

Captains, when was the last time you thought about the Roman Empire? Participate in our new epic event to step back in time and immerse yourself in the world of legendary battles and brave champions!

This event features plenty of era-inspired content for heroic combat! First, new Italian Tier VI cruiser Francesco Ferruccio in her Roman-style permanent camouflage, which you can obtain from the Italian Triumph random bundle (now available on mobile too!). Second, you can get lots of items using Denarii, the Roman currency used during this event: Italian Tier VIII battleship Centurion, epic-looking ship skins, and a Roman gladiatrix Commander guise—Cassia Marcella Hasta. On top of that, we've created a gorgeous new Italian Port for your warships.

You can obtain Denarii in two ways: by getting the Italian Triumph random bundle in the Store or completing event missions. This time, the missions are set up in a new way—keep on reading this article to learn more!

Let’s take a closer look at how Roman Empire missions are designed and what new content awaits you.

Missions and Rewards


Roman Quest missions allow you to earn Denarii and receive prizes, including thematic content. The structure of these missions is a bit different from usual:

  • The starting mission “Ālea iacta est!” is available to everyone; completing it will earn you your first 250 Denarii.
  • You can exchange these Denarii for a special bundle in the Store containing a Roman flag, Regia Marina camouflage, and access to the next mission.
  • Completing this mission will give you new rewards and enough Denarii to obtain the Cassia Marcella Hasta Commander guise, as well as unlock access to another mission for even more Denarii.

You'll also find Tier VIII battleship Centurion, Tier V destroyer Leone, Roman-style skins for several Italian ships, a few new missions, and other goods in the Store available for Denarii. To replenish your Denarii supply, you can obtain the Italian Triumph random bundle, which also contains Tier VI cruiser Francesco Ferruccio with a thematic permanent camouflage and Commander Progression Items.

Italian Triumph Random Bundle


Inside, you'll find a generous selection of goods and a chance to get new Italian Tier VI cruiser Francesco Ferruccio! Plus, good news: random bundles are now available for both mobile and console players. 

Here's the full list of items you can obtain from the Italian Triumph random bundle:

  • Italian Tier VI cruiser Francesco Ferruccio with a spectacular Roman-style permanent camouflage
  • Up to 19,250 Denarii
  • Coupon granting an 80% discount on Italian Premium ships obtainable for doubloons
  • Regia Marina camouflages 
  • Rare Boosters of all types
  • Commander Progression Items
  • Credits
  • Global XP
  • Commander XP

The Italian Triumph random bundle is obtainable for doubloons.

Italian Tier VI Cruiser Francesco Ferruccio 


Francesco Ferruccio is a light cruiser designed for Italian Navy operations in the Indian Ocean. She features eight 6-inch (152 mm) main battery guns with a long firing range, an aft turret that rotates 360 degrees, and two far-reaching torpedo launchers. Her high speed, good maneuverability, and great concealment give her a strategic advantage out at sea. You can obtain Francesco Ferruccio from the Italian Triumph random bundle.

Italian Tier VIII Battleship Centurion 


This Roman-themed battleship will make you shine even in the most intense battles. She boasts solid armament, including nine 16-inch (406 mm) main battery guns in three triple-gun turrets, as well as a high movement speed and sturdy hull. Her special unique skin makes her appear truly majestic, embodying the elegance of ancient Roman design. You can get Centurion for Denarii.

Commander Guise: Cassia Marcella Hasta 


Cassia Marcella Hasta is a formidable gladiatrix from the ancient Roman Empire. Famed for her mastery of the hasta spear, Cassia's renown extended to naval battles, where she demonstrated her prowess on makeshift vessels constructed within the grand colosseums. You can earn the Cassia Marcella Hasta Commander guise as a reward for completing a mission or get it in the Store for Denarii. 

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Start your voyage to the Roman Empire to enjoy epic naval battles! 

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