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Through the Spy Glass: De Zeven Provinciën

The initial project for this light cruiser began in 1932 as part of a major naval expansion program aimed at countering the threat posed by the Imperial Japanese Navy to the Dutch East Indies. The program included the construction of two new light cruisers: De Ruyter and De Zeven Provinciën, named after the seven provinces that formed the Dutch Republic in 1581. However, the German invasion of the Netherlands on May 10, 1940, caused construction to be paused when De Zeven Provinciën was only 12% complete.  

Construction resumed only after the end of World War II, and the ship’s design was modified based on wartime lessons. Her superstructures were enlarged; torpedo launchers and onboard hydroplanes removed; 2.2-inch (57 mm) anti-aircraft artillery mounted; and the number of main guns in four twin-gun mounts was restored to the original specifications. De Zeven Provinciën first entered service with the Royal Netherlands Navy in 1953. Between 1962 and 1964, Terrier missile launchers were installed on the ship, replacing her rear turrets and converting her into a missile cruiser. De Zeven Provinciën was sold to Peru in 1975 and served with the national navy until 1999. 


In World of Warships: Legends, De Zeven Provinciën is equipped with the Airstrike feature, enabling you to request an automated air squadron that drops projectiles in a specified area. Her other notable traits include impressive fire-setting capabilities and fully rotating main battery turrets. 

For the best results in battle, we recommend the following ship upgrades: 

  • Main Battery Mod. 2 
  • Propulsion Mod. 2 
  • Concealment System Mod. 1 
  • Gun Fire Control System Mod. 2 


Karel Doorman is a new Dutch Commander who can lead De Zeven Provinciën into battle. He possesses a special set of skills, including some aimed at enhancing your Airstrike power. 

Try allocating the following skills: 

  • Burn It Down XXL, increasing the chances of your HE shells and bombs causing fire by up to 2%. 
  • Look at Me Now, improving your ship's sea detectability range by up to 6%. 
  • Velocious, boosting your maximum movement speed by up to 5%. 
  • Ik val aan, volg mij, increasing subsequent damage to enemy ships by up to 100% when a main battery shell, torpedo, or bomb hits them. 
  • Air Support, reducing Airstrike cooldown time by up to 6% and making every other Airstrike cooldown take only 1 s.  

For inspirations: 

  • Gunichi Mikawa, improving your cruiser’s concealment by up to 6%. 
  • Nikolay Kuznetsov, increasing the range of your main battery by up to 6%.

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