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July Update: Skyward Endeavors

    July Update: Skyward Endeavors 


    Ahoy Captains! Another update is on its way to the Legendary seas! As usual, you can prepare for the battles to come by redeeming the code J5BVT9SPT2. This time, you'll receive 1x Summer Big Crate; 6x "Red, White, and Blue" camouflages; and 6x Common Battle Boosters. 

    If you don't want to read the whole article, here's what's new in this update:  

    • Grey Ghost campaign featuring U.S. Tier VII Premium aircraft carrier Enterprise
    • Aircraft carriers are now available on mobile devices
    • STAR TREK in World of Warships: Legends
    • U.S. Independence Day event
    • Early Access to U.S. hybrid battleships
    • Winged Admiral Calendar with a new U.S. battleship Commander
    • New "Arcade" battle type
    • Three new Ranked seasons
    • Balance changes to carriers and more

    Grey Ghost Campaign 

    Enterprise EN-min.png

    Meet the headliner of this campaign: new U.S. Tier VII Premium aircraft carrier Enterprise, the famous historical ship! She's equipped with precise bombers with high survivability, capable of dealing devastating damage by dropping powerful armor-piercing bombs. These characteristics, combined with good movement speed and maneuverability, make Enterprise a game-changer even in the most difficult battles. Plus, starting from July 1, aircraft carriers will become available on mobile devices, so don't hesitate to join this campaign if you're a mobile player! 

    The campaign, as usual, consists of 100 milestones spread over 5 weeks and includes the catch-up mechanic. Check out the campaign rewards, with and without the Admiralty Backing: 


    Available rewards without the Admiralty Backing: 

    • 50x Common Boosters 
    • 10x "Red, White, and Blue" camouflages 
    • 12,500 Global XP 
    • 125,000 Commander XP 
    • 350,000 Research Points 
    • 600,000 credits 
    • 16x Promotion Orders 
    • 1x Insignia 
    • 1x Commendation 
    • 5 days of Premium Account 
    • 2x Summer Big Crates 
    • 1x American Commander crate 
    • 3x USN Hybrid Battleships crates
    • 1x USN Hybrid Battleships Big Crate
    • Enterprise patch base  
    • Enterprise patch symbol 

    Value of the rewards without the Admiralty Backing: 13,875 doubloons 

    Additional rewards with the Admiralty Backing (2,500 doubloons):   

    • 50x Rare Boosters 
    • 1,400,000 Research Points 
    • 325,000 Commander XP 
    • 2,400,000 credits 
    • 32,500 Global XP 
    • 29x Promotion Orders 
    • 4x Insignia 
    • 4x Commendations 
    • 750 doubloons 
    • 22x "Red, White, and Blue" camouflages 
    • 3x Summer Big Crates 
    • 1x USN Hybrid Battleships crate 
    • 2x USN Hybrid Battleships Big Crates 
    • Enterprise flag 
    • 1x Admiralty Backing special weekly mission, rewarding Renown Points 
    • U.S. Tier VII Premium aircraft carrier Enterprise 

    Total value of the rewards with the Admiralty Backing: 64,290 doubloons 

    STAR TREK in World of Warships: Legends


    We are pleased and proud to announce our new collaboration with STAR TREK. The iconic characters from this beloved series have warped into World of Warships: Legends—truly a gift for all fans of science fiction and TV classics! Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

    TM & © 2024 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

    U.S. Independence Day Celebrations 


    Let's celebrate the 4th of July together with a bunch of themed content! 

    First of all, several new U.S. hybrid battleships are arriving in Early Access, along with a new Commander, Joseph Reeves, who can be obtained by completing this update's Winged Admiral Calendar.

    And what's a good celebration without new missions? From July 1 through August 5, you can complete four Independence Day missions playing American ships, including the new hybrid battleships, and receive the event currency—Independium. You can spend Independium on various goods in the Store, including skins for the U.S. hybrid battleships and Golden Eagle skins for Kansas and Florida. Plus, the new Legendary hybrid battleship Louisiana is also available for Independium—if you manage to accumulate quite a sum through missions and the Waves of Liberty random bundle, obtainable for doubloons.


    The Waves of Liberty random bundle will help you get enough Independium to purchase Louisiana and new skins for the U.S. hybrid battleships in Early Access. It also offers a chance to get U.S. Tier VIII cruiser Vallejo, an 80% discount coupon on select American ships, and lots of Commander Progression Items on top! You can obtain this bundle once to receive a random set of items or multiple times to increase your chances of collecting all the possible items. 

    New U.S. Hybrid Battleships 


    We've prepared a new Tech Tree line of U.S. hybrid battleships from Tier VI to Tier VIII, available in Early Access in this update: Connecticut, Nebraska, and Delaware. Each of these ships is equipped with the powerful Airstrike feature using torpedo bombers. You can obtain Connecticut, Nebraska, and Delaware from USN Hybrid Battleships crates and USN Hybrid Battleships Big Crates, which will be available in the Store during this update for doubloons or Independium. These crates can also be earned through the Grey Ghost campaign and the Winged Admiral Calendar. 

    Besides the ships in Early Access, we're also presenting the new Legendary hybrid battleship Louisiana. She will be available in the Store for Independium, the event currency we mentioned above. Note that it's not your last chance to get Louisiana: next summer, she will be available again as a free Bureau Project; however, you have a unique opportunity to try her out right now, a year in advance!

    Winged Admiral Calendar 


    Joseph Reeves is a new historical Commander and strong leader for the new U.S. hybrid battleships. He comes with a full set of unique skills designed specifically to enhance the Airstrike power of your American hybrids. To get Joseph Reeves, complete the new Calendar—a 3-week series of daily missions available from July 1 through August 5.

    Base Trait: Football Helmet 

    • Reduces the damage of bombs and torpedoes launched by aircraft at your ship by up to 16% 
    • Improves your ship's sea and air detectability range by up to 2%

    Unique set of Airstrike-based skills: 

    • Bird's Eye View: Improves Airstrike and main battery range by up to 4% 
    • Sea Wings: Increases Airstrike aircraft cruising speed and the ship's maximum speed by up to 4%
    • Naval Aviator: Increases the speed of your Airstrike torpedoes by up to 4 kts, reduces their arming time by up to 8%, and increases their damage by up to 4%
    • Iron Feathers: Increases Airstrike aircraft HP by up to 16% and the ship's maximum HP by up to 6%; shows the direction of the closest enemy ship if your ship has Airstrike 

    As you progress toward unlocking this Commander, you can earn numerous rewards, including several USN Hybrid Battleships crates. You'll have an additional 2 weeks to fully complete the Calendar, with the option to recover missed days for 250 doubloons each. More details coming soon! 

    New Battle Type: Arcade Battles 

    This update introduces Arcade Battles—a completely new, faster-paced battle type that will be permanently available alongside Versus AI and Standard Battles. Starting from Account Level 4, you can try these dynamic battles with simplified mechanics in randomly composed teams of five. In Arcade Battles, you'll fight with and against other players, with AI filling in if there aren't enough players to complete the team. Any non-carrier ships of Tiers I–VI are allowed.

    Ranked Seasons 56–58 

    Ranked Battles are returning with three new seasons, starting on July 2. This time, you'll compete in teams of three, with a limit of one destroyer per team and no aircraft carriers. Ship tiers will vary from V to VII depending on the season. Loads of rewards await you, with up to 3,600 Steel available for completing all three seasons! 

    Balance Changes 

    A few new balance changes await you in this update, described in detail in our traditional Ministry of Balance article.

    Once again, we've tweaked aircraft carriers a bit to improve their balance after the rework. The aircraft restoration time now takes longer for most carriers; aircraft health and hangar size have also been adjusted in some cases. Additionally, we've reduced the aircraft speed for most carriers. These changes should help surface ships ward off repeated attacks from aircraft carriers.

    Here's a quick overview of other changes: 

    • Buffs to Tirpitz 
    • Buffs to Tirpitz B 
    • Buffs to Vallejo 
    • Nerfs to the "Secondary Interest" Commander skill 

    Improvements and Bug Fixes 

    All platforms 

    • Independence's torpedo bombers now look more historically accurate.
    • The campaign milestone pop-up screen now appears immediately after the battle ends instead of showing unexpectedly after a delay.
    • Fixed a few minor visual artifacts.


    • Fixed the synchronization of in-game trophy/achievement progress on consoles, so trophies/achievements now correctly unlock on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.
    • Fixed camera twitching when using binoculars on aircraft carriers.
    • Fixed incorrect colors of player’s aircraft markers when playing in a Division.


    • Aircraft carriers are now available on mobile devices.
    • Improved the Port viewing angle to provide a better look at the ships.
    • Fixed the information box about Inspirations that appears when upgrading a Commander to the Legendary rank.
    • Fixed textures sometimes appearing too bright with medium and low graphics settings on iOS 17 and higher.

    Get ready for epic battles and victories on the sea and in the sky—it's time to turn the tide!

    Maintenance times:   

    • Xbox: July 1, 2:00 – 5:30 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:30 AM UTC
    • PlayStation: July 1, 2:00 – 5:30 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:30 AM UTC
    • iOS: July 1, 2:00 – 5:30 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:30 AM UTC
    • Android: July 1, 2:00 – 5:30 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:30 AM UTC

    Update size:   

    • Xbox One (S/X) ~4,120 MB 
    • Xbox Series S/X ~4,300 MB  
    • PS4 ~4,000 MB   
    • PS5 ~948 MB   
    • iOS ~1,000 MB + ~1,000 MB   
    • Android ~1,000 MB + ~1,000 MB   

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