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The best time to participate in Arena Battles is now!

Captain! You may have heard of our latest competitive game mode—Arena. The basics are straightforward: four teams of three players face off against each other in a battle for control and survival.

Why is now a good time to try it?

First, you get access to some sweet rewards just for getting your feet wet—as in playing a single match! Then, if you feel like it’s your thing, you can put some more time into it and work on climbing the ever-evolving Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard sums up how many ships you have destroyed (Season II) or the total XP you have accrued in the Arena mode (Season III), and puts you in a percentage bracket with other players. The top brackets might be tougher to stay in, but getting to the top 50%, or even 25% of players should not require too much of your time, but will rather depend on your timing and precision in battle.

This Update includes two Seasons, each with their own rules that you can check out below.

Season II

  • Dates: April 19–26
  • Tier III ships; cruisers and destroyers only
  • The Leaderboard sums up the number of destroyed ships
  • Taking the center cap ends the battle
  • Friendly fire is enabled for 20% of damage, so don’t shoot your allies!
  • Available maps:
    • Ring
    • Archipelago
    • New Dawn

Season II Rewards Per % Bracket:

Participation bracket

  • 5x Promotion Orders
  • 1x common container
  • 250,000 credits

Top 90%

  • 8x Promotion Orders
  • 5x Type 4 Camos
  • 15,000 Commander XP

Top 50%

  • 1x Insignia
  • 1x Winter Big Crate
  • 10,000 Global XP

Top 25%

  • 15x Promotion Orders
  • 250 doubloons
  • 250 Steel Badges

Top 10%

  • 1x Commendation
  • 1x Commander crate
  • 500 Steel Badges

Top 1%

  • 1x Golden Week Chest
  • 500 doubloons
  • 1,000 Steel Badges

Season III

  • Dates: May 3–10
  • Tier III ships of any type (except aircraft carriers)
  • The Leaderboard sums up the total amount of XP accrued (with modifiers applied)
  • Taking the center cap ends the battle
  • Friendly fire is enabled for 20% of damage, so don’t shoot your allies—this is especially important for this Season, as inflicting a certain amount damage to friendly ships will result in zero XP earnings in that match
  • Available maps are the same as for Season II

The rewards and their distribution are exactly the same as for Season II.

Now that you have the info, ready your Tier III ships, climb up the Leaderboards, and reap the rewards!

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