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Swift and Reckless: Arcade Battles

Captains, we know that you love challenging combat that requires precisely tailored ship builds, strategic thinking, and lots of experience—we love them too! But have you ever wanted to take a little break and join a quick, simple battle just to have fun without overcomplicating things? If your answer is yes, try our new Arcade Battles—a refreshingly dynamic battle type with simplified game mechanics! Arcade Battles unlock upon reaching Account Level 4 and will be permanently available alongside Versus AI and Standard Battles. Also, note that Standard Battles are now available only from Account Level 8.


Here's what you need to know about the new battle type: 

  • Teams consist of 5 players; team members can be replaced by AI if there aren't enough players to complete the team. 
  • The matchmaking rules are the same as for Standard Battles: maximum of a one-tier difference, with teams mirroring each other in terms of ship types and tiers. 
  • Maximum length of each battle is 10 minutes. 
  • Any Tier IVI ships can participate, except for aircraft carriers, which are not allowed. 
  • Divisions of up to three players are allowed.
  • Most missions and campaign trials can be completed in Arcade Battles in addition to the Standard and Versus AI battle types.

And here's the most interesting part—game mechanic changes: 

  • Time to reach full speed when moving forward or backward: 80% 
  • Rudder-shift time: 20% 
  • Main and secondary battery reload time: 20% 
  • Torpedo launcher reload time: 20% 
  • Airstrike reload time: 20% 
  • Consumable cooldown time: 20% 
  • Ship modules—engine, guns, turrets, torpedo tubes, steering gear—cannot be destroyed by enemy hits.

Play around in fast-paced Arcade Battles or dive into usual hardcore combat—the choice is yours!

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