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Navigating the Seas and Stars: Star Trek Collab Is Here!

Live long and prosper, Captains!  

This summer, the World of Warships franchise meets the Star Trek universe, and World of Warships: Legends is no exception! Visit the Store from July 8 through August 5 to explore iconic Commanders, famous ships, unique skins, flags, and patches from the world of Star Trek. You can get some of these items for free by completing a special Galactic Guardian mission, with the final reward being Jean-Luc Picard, who will join your Commander roster. Plus, console players will find themselves in a new Port, designed after the iconic bridge of the starship Enterprise.

Keep reading to find out more about the Star Trek‑themed content awaiting you in Legends. 


EN_I.K.S. BortaS.jpg

Chancellor Gowron's flagship, the I.K.S. BortaS, played a key role in the Klingon Civil War, demonstrating the impressive evasion and maneuvers common to Klingon starships. In World of Warships: Legends, this ship is a British Tier VI cruiser based on Fiji. 


D'kyr is a sleek Vulcan vessel with strong defenses, impressive firepower, and advanced technological features. In Legends, D'kyr is a French Tier VI battleship based on Gneisenau.



Goraxus was one of the most capable warships in the Romulan empire during the late 24th century. Like all Romulan warbirds, she boasted the most advanced cloaking technology in the Alpha Quadrant. In Legends, Goraxus is a skin for destroyer Akatsuki.  


U.S.S. Enterprise was the Federation's flagship for eight years under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. As the most advanced exploration ship of her time, she could achieve extreme warp speeds and undertake long missions to explore new worlds. In Legends, U.S.S. Enterprise is a skin for aircraft carrier Enterprise. 



Jean-Luc Picard is a renowned and highly experienced Starfleet captain. He served on board the U.S.S. Enterprise for many years and proved himself to be a competent leader. In Legends, Picard is an American Commander whose skills are well-suited for aircraft carriers. You can earn Picard by completing the Galactic Guardian free mission. 

Base trait: Make It So — improves torpedo and dive bombers HP by up to 4%. 

Unique skill: Engage — reduces dive bombers' bombs dispersion radius by up to 8%. 


Spock is a half-Vulcan, half-human who served as the first officer of Starfleet aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. His intelligent and diplomatic approach played a crucial role in bringing peace to the long-standing conflict between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. In Legends, Commander Spock belongs to the French nation and has skills tailored for commanding battleships.

Base trait: Live Long and Prosper — increases the amount of ship HP restored by the Repair Party by 0.15% for every 1% of ship HP missing. 

Unique skill: Fascinating! — each main battery shell hit resulting in damage improves secondary battery damage and shell grouping by up to 3% (up to a total of +100%) while targeting the same ship. 


Sela is a cunning and dedicated commander of the Romulan Empire. She attempted to pit the Klingon Empire and the Federation, two great Romulan enemies, against each other and invade Vulcan while posing as a peace bringer. However, all her efforts were thwarted. In Legends, Sela is a Commander assigned to the Japanese nation with a skill set suitable for destroyers. 

Base trait: Singularity Core — reduces the cooldown time of the Engine Boost consumable by up to 4% and increases the speed of your torpedoes by up to 2.5 kts.

Unique skill: Tal Shiar Cloak — reduces the detectability of your torpedoes by up to 100 m and your sea detectability range by up to 7%; however, the smoke screen dispersion time is also reduced by up to 30%. 


Gowron was initially an outsider in Klingon Empire politics, but following the death of Chancellor K'mpec, Captain Picard selected him as the next Chancellor. Gowron played a crucial role during the Cardassian War and significantly contributed to the Federation Alliance's success in the Dominion War. In Legends, Gowron is a Commander that belongs to the British nation with skills that suit for commanding cruisers. 

Base trait: You're Welcome To Try — reduces incoming damage from projectiles while your cruiser’s secondary battery is aiming or shooting by up to 12%. 

Unique skill: Sword of Kahless — increases the damage of main battery shells that travel less than 7 km by up to 10%. 

Galactic Guardian Mission 

This mission will be available for free to all players from July 8 to August 5. Complete it to earn these rewards: 

  • 1x Star Trek patch base 
  • 1x Federation patch 
  • 1x Starfleet patch 
  • 1x Enterprise-D patch 
  • 1x Klingon Empire patch 
  • 1x Replicator crate 
  • 5x Sci-Fi Space camouflages 
  • The final reward: Commander Picard! 

Replicator Crate 

Check out the Replicator crate to get various Star Trek-themed items, including ships, skins, Commanders, flags, and patches. You can get this crate in the Store or obtain it for free by completing the Galactic Guardian mission.

Explore the Star Trek universe and discover the thrilling adventures that lie ahead! 

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