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Through the Spy Glass: Enterprise

USS Enterprise, a highly decorated Yorktown-class aircraft carrier built in the 1930s, participated in most campaigns in the Pacific during her years of service. She played a significant role in raids on the Marshall Islands, the Doolittle Raid, the Battle of Midway, the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, and the Guadalcanal Campaign. Eventually, Enterprise received the proud nickname "The Big E," earning a total of 20 battle stars during her service and becoming the most decorated U.S. Navy vessel of World War II.


Enterprise's main advantage lies in her precise and highly survivable bombers, capable of dropping armor-piercing bombs that deal significant damage to enemy ships. She is also equipped with decent secondary guns and boasts fairly good movement speed and maneuverability, which is quite rare for aircraft carriers.

To achieve optimal performance, consider the following ship upgrades: 

  • Flight Control Mod. 1 
  • AA Guns Mod. 2 
  • Concealment System Mod. 1 
  • Flight Control Mod. 2 

ernest en.png

We suggest assigning Commander Ernest King to lead Enterprise into battle. His base trait I Come Prepared increases the firing range of anti-aircraft guns by up to 8%. 

Recommended skills:

  • Swatting at Flies, increasing your carrier's average AA damage per second by up to 20% 
  • Emergency Power, increasing your aircraft cruising speed by up to 4% 
  • Out of Sight, reducing your carrier's dive and skip bomber detectability by up to 10% and increasing their HP by up to 15%  
  • Look at Me Now, improving your ship's sea detectability range by up to 6% 
  • Death From Above, increasing your dive bombers airspeed by up to 6% and reducing incoming damage to your carrier by up to 20% if an allied ship is within a certain range 

Recommended inspirations: 

  • Jerzy Świrski, improving your ship's sea detectability range by up to 4% 
  • Raizō Tanaka, increasing your torpedo damage by up to 5%

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