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June-July Update: The Liberty Zeitgeist

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Server maintenance is scheduled to take place on Monday, June 21. Once the maintenance is close to complete, the Update will be pushed to the consoles.

Maintenance times:

  • Xbox: 2:00 – 5:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC 
  • PlayStation: 2:00 – 5:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC 

Update size:

  • Xbox One (S,X) ~2500 MB
  • Xbox Series S/X~2500 MB
  • PS4 ~2500 MB
  • PS5 ~2500 MB

Legends! Our latest Update focuses heavily on American battleships—you can expect to find them in Early Access, a Campaign, and in the Bureau. Some balance changes have also been made due to the addition of German aircraft carriers.

Alternative American Battleships in Early Access

This Update brings three new battleships to reinforce the American fleet with big guns and strong armor. Tier IV to VI ships will be available in Early Access.


Nevada is a slow-but-steady heavy hitter at Tier IV. She’s armed with ten 14-inch (356 mm) guns housed in four turrets. With her bread-and-butter battleship gameplay, you shouldn’t expect any fancy consumables, but sinking ships from behind her helm will certainly constitute honest work.

Tier V Tennessee offers improved gun performance and two extra barrels, slightly better survivability, and a marginally improved AA suite. However, she keeps pace at about the same level as Nevada.

Tier VI sees North Carolina raise the stakes with nine 16-inch (406 mm) guns that traverse faster than those of the preceding tiers, while her super-heavy shells also hit harder. At the same time, she’s the first in line to truly break the 20-knot speed barrier—while she’s by no means fast, she’s comparatively mobile. The anti-air suite of the line also takes a dramatic turn for the better with North Carolina, even if her overall survivability isn’t much improved.


The battleships will be available via the Early Access mechanic in this Update, which means that you’ll need to open USN Battleship Crates if you want a chance to helm these mammoths. The Crates are available in regular and big variants as usual, and they will be offered as rewards for the new Campaign and will also be sold in the Store. USN Battleship Big Crates have higher chances of dropping one of the new ships, but if you’re not into relying on pure luck, simply wait for the next Update to research the new line up to the imposing Kansas at Tier VII! If you manage to pull a ship from a Crate, she’ll come with a personal mission that will reward you with doubloons and Commander items. The missions are only available once per ship.

Georgia On My Mind Campaign

Georgia—an American Tier VII battleship—is the pride of our latest Campaign. She offers relatively accurate and exceptionally hard-hitting 18-inch (457 mm) guns, but in a limited battery of six guns. Despite their limited number, they reload quickly for a battleship, and Georgia's AA capabilities are among the best. Her top speed of 33 knots also allows for significant tactical freedom when choosing where to position yourself for attack or defense.


All of that should be taken with a pinch of salt—Georgia’s armor can still be melted away by enough HE shells and her full salvo is not that impressive. However, her Repair Party has a fairly short cooldown and can offset some non-fatal errors.

The Campaign runs for 5 weeks and features 100 milestones that you can either beat or skip. Obtaining Georgia herself requires you to have an active Admiralty Backing, which is available for 2,500 doubloons.

The exact rewards you can get for completing the Campaign with or without the Admiralty Backing are listed below:


Rewards you can get without Admiralty Backing: 

  • 55x Common Boosters
  • 15x Type 1 Camouflages
  • 15x Type 2 Camouflages
  • 15x Type 3 Camouflages
  • 7x "Red, White and Blue" Camouflages
  • 294,000 Commander XP
  • 150,000 credits
  • 1,500 Global XP
  • 14x Promotion Orders
  • 1x Insignia
  • 1x Commendation
  • 7 days of Premium Account
  • 7x USN Battleships Crates
  • 1x USN Battleships Big Crate
  • 1x U.S. Commander Crate
  • 1x patch background
  • 1x patch symbol

Value of the rewards without the Admiralty Backing: 16,790 doubloons 

Additional rewards you can get with Admiralty Backing (2500 doubloons):

  • 45x Rare Boosters
  • 30x Epic Boosters
  • 25x Type 1 Camouflages
  • 25x Type 2 Camouflages
  • 25x Type 3 Camouflages
  • 14x "Red, White and Blue" Camouflages
  • 113,000 Commander XP
  • 1,500,000 credits
  • 16,000 Global XP
  • 26x Promotion Orders
  • 3x Insignias
  • 3x Commendations
  • 750 doubloons
  • 11x USN Battleships Crates
  • 4x USN Battleships Big Crates
  • 87JS7P14FU (12x Red, White, and Blue Camouflage)
  • Tier VII USN Battleship Georgia

Total value of the rewards with the Admiralty Backing: 71,015 doubloons 

Oklahoma Project

How many American battleships do we need? There’s always room for one more, surely! Please welcome Oklahoma—a Tier IV Nevada-class battleship with solid armor and a decent punch in her guns to do your deeds in those lower-tier missions.


But wait, there's more! En route to unlocking Oklahoma, you're going to get a whole range of Grade 1 Permanent Camos for the following American battleships:

  • Nevada
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • New Mexico
  • Colorado
  • New York

Please note: this Project isn't time-limited, but at some point it will be deprecated. We strongly advise that you at least start it—this will mean that you never lose it.

German Aircraft Carriers

We have a new line of aircraft carriers entering the waters and preparing to fight for the skies: Rhein, Weser, and August von Parseval!


These three behemoths offer a fresh perspective on carrier gameplay thanks to their access to AP bombs. Acting much in the same way as AP shells, these bombs can reliably hit ship citadels and deliver significant damage, but they cannot start fires.


A special Commander is also coming in to helm the new carriers—Hans Geisler. His base trait, Barrage, is a bit unusual for carriers. It speeds up the reloading of secondary guns for any ship type when chosen as an inspiration. As German aircraft carriers have somewhat better secondary guns than other nations, this edge may come in handy in a pinch. The regular and Legendary skills in his arsenal focus on improving AP bombs, while the active component of his "Corkscrew" Legendary skill diminishes incoming damage to the carrier when allies are nearby. Additionally, his "Impervious" skill reduces the damage your German aircraft carriers take from instances of fire and flooding  "Dark Silhouette" skill improves aircraft carrier concealment. Hans Geisler is available from German and International Commander Crates, as well as for 900,000 Commander XP from the Store. Additionally, look out for the “German Carrier Commander” special mission that will be available for the duration of the Update—it will reward you with Hans Geisler.


Finally, coinciding with the introduction of the German carriers, the Tier VII plane squadrons of all nations receive a new consumable in an additional slot—Evasive Maneuver—which makes them immune to damage for a short period of time.


These ships will be fully researchable right from the start of the Update. Like other carrier lines, it will take more XP and credits to research them than comparable lines of other ship types.

One final addition to the carrier gameplay for this Update is the “Spotting” ribbon. You can earn these by spotting enemy ships with your squadrons. Currently, only aircraft carriers can earn these.

Arena Battles: Season 4

Arena is back for another Season—prepare your Tier IV ships for battle! This time, we're simultaneously spicing up and optimizing the Arena battles. The spice comes from a new setup we call "Arms Race." This mode is added on top of the now-familiar four-team Arena format. What this means is that the positional war is now fought for more than just the central Key Area—there are now valuable stat boosters located around the map that can improve your team's ships. They will be vital to your success—don't ignore them! 


The Season is scheduled to take place from June 24 until July 12, and the Leaderboard will only take the 15 best games of the day into account for your Leaderboard placement. If you don't play that many games, all your results for the day are counted towards the Leaderboard. To maximize your Leaderboard placement, be sure to play every day of the Season—your scores will add up quickly.

The rewards range from the new USN Battleship Crates to Commander items and, of course, Steel Badges, which will be available for the 50% and higher brackets this time. Check out the dedicated blog post for this Season early next week to find out all the details! 

Status Widget

We're updating the main menu to give you a better understanding of your progress in Campaigns and Bureau Projects.


The activities widget will show you the following:

  • Status and progress for the current Campaign
  • Status and progress for current Bureau Projects
  • Commander XP, Commendations, Insignias, Promotion Orders, Paint, and any event currency that might currently be active

Together with the widget, we're updating the ship filters a bit. You will now be able to filter the ships that can be used for current personal missions, as well as Bureau missions.  

Balance Changes

A few more balance changes are coming in for a few ships, including the existing aircraft carriers. We're also improving Legendary-tier matchmaking.

  • French battleships receive the Armament Durability Mod. 1—a modification that increases the HP of their gun turrets by 50% while reducing the ships’ HP by 5%. This modification can be installed in the first slot.


  • The Blind Rage base trait of Arthas Roqthar The Cold now increases damage for cruisers, while the Fighter consumable is up by 20% (instead of 6%).
  • HE bombs of Langley's planes receive buffs:
    • Maximum damage increased from 9,030 to 9,480
    • Fire-starting chances increased from 41% to 43%
  • HE bombs of Lexington's planes receive buffs:
    • Maximum damage increased from 10,120 to 10,620
    • Fire-starting chances increased from 52 to 54%
  • Legendary ships are now matched type-to-type in Standard Battles, meaning that you should have an equal number of destroyers, battleships, and cruisers of similar tiers, unless the matchmaking process takes more than 4 minutes or there are uneven Divisions present.
  • Tier III aircraft carriers will now have shot-down planes included in their service costs. Their credit income is boosted a little to compensate for this.

Bug Fixes

  • The All-Out Anti-Air skill has been renamed No-Fly Zone, as the former name was only a working title that made it into the game.
  • The filter sub-menu sometimes opened up with an animation that didn’t display correctly.
  • Whenever a player pinged a Key Area while having a ship behind the reticule, the ping could be incorrectly sent to that ship instead.
  • In rare cases, the Port screen wasn’t displayed before a battle began.
  • The consumable list didn’t update in timely manner when switching between higher- and lower-tier aircraft carriers (only affected the Port interface).
  • A plotted course for aircraft carriers broke if a player disconnected and then returned to the game.

Premium ships in this Update

  • American Tier VI Destroyer Benham will become available for 500,000 Global XP and for doubloons (bundles and pricing will be announced before the sale starts).
  • American Tier VII Battleship Massachusetts will become available for 750,000 Global XP.
  • American Tier VI Battleship Florida will become available for doubloons. 

Follow our news to find out when the ships are released!

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