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Celebrating One Year Strong!

Ahoy, Legends!

This week on April 16th we celebrate one year since the Early Access launch of World of Warships: Legends! We want to say thank you to everyone who took on the roles of pioneers and participated in the Alpha and Beta tests. We hope to share the joy of this important milestone with everyone who has joined our game along the way. This year has been quite an adventure!

First of all, go and claim a special gift in the Store—just search for the Thanks for One Year! free bundle! Within, you’ll find 1 day of Premium Account, 5x Epic boosters of every kind (25 in total), and 5x Type 4 camouflages. You can pick it up any day from April 16 until May 1, 2 AM CDT (7 AM UTC).

What’s a feast without a good friendly battle? Check out the "One Year Strong" combat mission to celebrate the milestone with fun and the joy of victory! The mission is available from April 16 to May 1.

Here's a short breakdown:

Chain I - Must be completed in a Standard Battle or Battle Versus AI playing Tier III – VII Ships.

  • Stage 1: Earn 500,000 credits (2x basic containers)
  • Stage 2: Earn 20,000 XP (2x basic containers)
  • Stage 3: Earn 20,000 Commander XP (One Year Strong patch symbol)

Finishing Chain I will unlock Chain II.

Chain II - Must be completed in a Standard Battle playing Tier III–VII ships.

  • Stage 1: Win five battles (2x basic containers)
  • Stage 2: Hit 250 times with the main battery (2x basic containers)
  • Stage 3: Deal 250,000 damage (One Year Strong patch background)

As a reward for completing the mission you’ll get a special One Year Strong flag.

The additional ship win bonus is back! This time, the rewards are available starting from April 16, 2 AM CDT (7 AM UTC), until April 30, 6:40 PM CDT (11:40 PM UTC), for Tier IV–VII ships from the Tech Tree and Tier II–VII Premium ships. Here’s what you get for the first win with the corresponding ship:

  • Tier II–III (Premium ships only): Type 1 camouflage
  • Tier IV: Type 1 camouflage
  • Tier V: Type 2 camouflage
  • Tier VI: 1x basic container; Type 3 camouflage
  • Tier VII: 2x basic containers; Type 4 camouflage

This doesn’t replace the standard first win of the day bonus—it adds to it. Also, keep in mind that the additional bonuses are only redeemable once per ship, while the event lasts. 

What’s more, from April 16, 2 AM CDT (7 AM UTC), until April 20, 2 AM CDT (7 AM UTC), you can expect an increased x3 daily first win bonus for all ships in your Port!

The very special Daily Doubloons mission will appear in the Store on April 18, at 2 AM CDT (7 AM UTC). You’ll only have 24 hours in which to purchase it for 1,250 doubloons, and you can get even more doubloons back! So, what’s it all about? 

This purchase activates the Daily Doubloons mission. The mission resets every 24 hours until May 18, 2 AM CDT (7 AM UTC), and gives you an opportunity to earn 70 doubloons each day. If you consistently complete these daily tasks, you’ll be able to get up to 2,100 doubloons. Here's one more delightful detail—you’ll get an instant 400 doubloons cashback along with the new mission. 

Last, but not least, we’re having a cool sale during the weekend. Check the Store for some really alluring offers! All offers will be available until May 1, 2 AM CDT (7 AM UTC), though we might postpone the end date if you find these offers interesting enough, Captains.

  • Tier VI Premium French Destroyer Le Terrible will be available for 12,000 doubloons for a limited time only.
  • Another Premium ship— Tier V German cruiser Graf Spee—returns to the Store and can be purchased for 8,000 doubloons.
  • You can also get yourself 90 days of Premium Account for 4,500 doubloons.
  • Stock up with the Rare Boosters Galore package for 4,800 doubloons—you’ll get 40x rare boosters of every kind (200 in total).
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