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Transformers II


Ahoy, proud allies of humanity and cunning alien invaders! The Transformers collaboration is coming back—with even more goods this time. You’ll be able to get your hands on Autobot and Decepticon Commanders with unique voiceovers, ship Skins, flags, Camos, and exclusive patches, accessible through personal missions. One more piece of good news before we proceed to the main course is that the first part of the collaboration is available in the Store in full for the whole duration of the Update. 

The collaboration brings four Commanders, the same number of Skins for ships, a couple of flags (same as those in the first collab part), and Camos and two missions with patch rewards—for both Autobots and Decepticons.

The opposing heroes and villains are here, so let’s find out what they can bring to your Ports. The Transformers Commanders layout looks as follows:

  • Grimlock with the “King of Primitives” Skin for French battleship Richelieu
    • Quick Charge (base trait): reduce Enhanced Secondary Targeting consumable reload time by up to 10%.
    • Sharpshooter (2nd row skill): increase your battleship main battery shell grouping while Enhanced Secondary Targeting consumable is active (5% to 20% bonus).

A solid choice for your French battleships and an interesting option as an inspiration, Grimlock adds a new skill to the game. Your batteries are as effective as it gets with him!

  • Hot Rod with the “Hot Racer” Skin for British cruiser Edinburgh
    • Cognizant (base trait): reduce Radar consumable reload time by up to 10%.
    • Prescience (2nd row skill): reduce air detectability range (from 5% to 20%), increase Radar consumable duration (2.5% to 10% bonus).

Better concealment, better radar—you can get pretty versatile with this Autobot in terms of playstyle.

  • Soundwave with the “Superior” Skin for Italian cruiser Amalfi
    • Redistribution (base trait): increase torpedo detectability range by up to 4% and reduce rudder-shift time by up to 3%.
    • Smoke Cannon (2nd row skill): reduce air detectability range (from 5% to 20%), increase duration of the Smoke Generator and Exhaust Smoke Generator consumables (2.5% to 10% bonus).

Sneak, maneuver, and attack: Soundwave is a great choice for your cruisers.

  • Starscream with the “Lord of the Seekers” Skin for German aircraft carrier August Von Parseval
    • Advance & Vanquish (base trait): increase your aircraft speed by up to 2%.
    • Inspired Return (2nd row skill): increase aircraft return speed (5% to 20% bonus) and increase aircraft HP (1% to 4% bonus).

A dedicated aircraft carrier Commander, this high-ranking Decepticon can do it all: buff planes’ speeds, HP pools, and return speeds. A very reliable choice to strike from above!

Please note: Transformers Commanders are available both on a standalone basis and as part of combos with the corresponding Skins. The sales of this new chapter of our collaboration begin on September 6 and continue until the end of the Update on October 4.

Visit the Shop to find more bundles and new Cybertronian containers, which offer a chance to obtain any of the pieces of the collaboration content, including flags and camouflages.

Support one of the sides of the eternal conflict and Turn the Tide!

TRANSFORMERS and its associated characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2021 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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