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WoWS: Legends goes mobile!

You heard it right, we’re bringing a beta test of Legends to Android and iOS! The game access will be initially limited to Canada on Android and a select group of players on iOS. Read on to find out how you can join!

Legends mobile is going to (eventually) bring you the same battle-tested experience from consoles to your pocket device, so you'll be able to transfer from the big screen to compact experience and back at will.

For the test's purposes we will offer a choice of three nations of ships and commanders and the pioneers among you will have to start from the ground up to help us iron out all the kinks and finish up the mobile version to the same standard that the console game is.

Following you will find an FAQ section, but if you still have questions, please ask away and we'll be happy to update it!


Q:  Why a mobile version?

We've had quite a few requests from players to make it possible to check up on progress in the game while they're away from the console, and we thought: why not do one better? So here we are!

Q: What are the key differences between Legends console and mobile?

We'd say the way you perceive the battle feels quite a bit different on mobile. There's a change of field of view and controls obviously, so if you're a veteran Legends player it'll take some getting used to.

Q: How limited is the release and why limit it at all?

It is a common practice for mobile developers to start with particular regions or limited groups, so that the feedback and data logs come in at a digestible rate and we have ample room for improvements and fixes.

Q: Is there a content discrepancy between the console and mobile version?

For the duration of the test there is. We’re only introducing three nations, USA, Japan, and Germany, as we are looking to optimize the core gameplay loops before putting all the released content in the mobile version. Once the mobile version is out of the test phase it will have all the available content.

Q: Will there be crossplay functionality between consoles and mobile devices?

Yes, the mobile players will collide head-on with their console peers.

Q: Will console and mobile players be able to communicate?

There are no direct means of communication for mobile players yet, but down the line we plan to introduce quick commands and voice chat, much like there is between the two console platforms. 

Q: Is cross-progression between mobile and console going to be a thing?

Yes, one of our main targets is to make the experience shared and transferable between the mobile and console. It means that once we’re out of the test phase we plan to have cross-progression, so you’ll be able to continue gaming on any device, be it your phone or console.

Important to note, however, is that during the beta phase there will be no cross progression, so those participating will start with blank accounts and after the test ends we will reset those accounts. 

Q: Will I be able to limit my match making to mobile only/console only

There will be no way for mobile players to disable crossplay during the test phase. Console players, on the other hand, can exclude external players from their match making, but that would include other consoles as well. We do not plan to introduce further limitations to this for the duration of the test phase. 

Q: What about WoWS: Blitz? 

At the current stage we're only testing Legends' opportunities as mobile game. It’s a big ocean, so to speak, and we see this as a great opportunity to challenge ourselves, to provide new experience to our console audience, Blitz players will likely keep on blitzing and that's totally fine! 🙂 

Q: Is there any ETA for the final release of mobile version?

Not right now, let's start testing and see what happens!

Hardware requirements

We recommend an iPhone 8+/ iPad Air (2019 3rd generation) or newer device & iOS 14.8+. When it comes to Android, Samsung S20 & Android 10+, or newer device will do best. Future optimization may bring the requirements down eventually. Additionally, if you have a different Android device, you're free to try and report your findings! 

How Do I Join the Test?

Apple: Fill in this form and follow our socials! Don't worry if you don't receive a letter, we're going real small with iOS at first, but we'll add players continuously.

Android: If you are located in Canada, search for World of Warships: Legends in your Google Play Store or try this link.

If you got the test client, make sure to switch to Wi-fi before launching the game to avoid downloading a big chunk of data over your mobile network. The full client size for this version is about 8 gigabytes.

To log in you will need a Facebook account. We understand that it may not be to everyone's liking but at present only having a Facebook account will allow you to save your beta progress correctly. 

Want to discuss the new version with others and leave us feedback? Here's a link to the mobile channel on our official Discord!

Turn the tide on mobile!

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