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Holiday gifts: what's in the box?


The winter holidays are a time to gift, share, and receive. That's why there is a lot of free stuff waiting for you this season. Shall we?


Win a game playing the following ships to get corresponding one-time bonuses until the end of the Update:

  • Any Legendary ship (not valid for rental ships): 2x Secret Santa '22 crates
  • Any Tier VII Premium ship: 100 Winter Coins
  • Any Tier VII Tech Tree ship: 75 Winter Coins
  • Any Tier VI Premium ship: 75 Winter Coins
  • Any Tier IV or V Premium ship: 2x Holiday camouflages
  • Any Tier IV, V or VI Tech Tree ship: 1x Holiday camouflage

14 Free Secret Santa Crates

For the two-week period from December 20 until January 2, a Secret Santa crate will be added to the common container daily reward in the offer section of the Store. You can, as ever, find the drop rates here. Enjoy!

Winter Adventures Mission

Despite not being entirely free (the price of the admission is 2,022,000 credits), this assignment lets you enhance your stash quite notably while spending in-game currency only. If you complete it in full, you'll get a Super Santa crate, a selection of Holiday camos, 30x Promotion Orders and 2x Insignias. 
Available January 17 to January 23!

Bureau Projects: Holiday Bureau 2022 and The Dragon Fleet

Holiday Bureau 2022

Deck the ships with camos of jolly! Among the rewards: themed Holiday permanent camouflages for Furutaka, T-22, and Normandie, along with Vanguard Snow Storm skin, crates, credits, and more in-game items. This Project is going to be deprecated with the arrival of the next Update, so make sure to check in!

Dragon Fleet

This will reward you with a whole lot of Commander Progression items! It will most definitely be deprecated in a future Update, so don't forget to start this Project too.

You can get up to:

  • 90,000 Commander XP
  • 1x Pan-Asian Commander crate
  • 9x Type 4 camouflages
  • 30x Promotion Orders
  • 2x Insignias

Winter Coins


This Update, we’re introducing a special currency—Winter Coins—which offer one more way to acquire in-game holiday rewards. You can get Winter Coins in the following ways:

  • Missions
    Some missions of the Update offer Winter Coins as a reward, and you can see the exact rewards on offer for each in the corresponding tab. One of the most profitable missions is the weekly Escaping the Labyrinth one, which is available to complete with the pinnacle of current campaign—HMS Minotaur. Another way you can get more Winter Coins is by obtaining Windroses: one-time rewards for winning the first battle or obtaining 300 Base XP in a battle playing Tier VII Tech Tree ships and Tier VI and VII Premium ships during the Update. 
  • Participating in the Arena seasons 
    Arena rewards are distributed after each season ends, and this Update brings three of them with Legendary ships to fight with. Each season, you can earn up to 850 Winter Coins. 
  • Acquiring bundles
    Some of the bundles that can be obtained from the Store include various sums of Winter Coins.

And this is how you can spend those:

  • Royal Navy battleship Lion
    Winter Coin-exclusive British Tier VII Premium battleship. Largely a development of the King George V class, this battleship is bigger, better armored, and equipped with modern 16-inch (406 mm) guns. Lion handles well and offers solid performance with both of the shell options at her disposal. She's available for 25,000 Winter Coins. Please note: Lion cannot be obtained for free by our estimations, and at the very least, you will need to acquire the Admiralty Backing and complete the campaign during the 5th week of the Update while also placing in the top bracket of all the Arena seasons. 
  • Commander Guises
    Commander Guises are a completely new entity and basically offer alternate appearances for your Commanders. They include the following cosmetic effects: A signal flare for instances when you use the horn, colorful tracers, and a special visual effect for Legendary skill activation. There are two choices this holiday season, available for 2,500 Winter Coins each: Miss Santa, applicable to British and American Commanders; Snow Maiden for Soviet and European Commanders. 
  • Commander progression items, crates, and camos
    Check the Store for the full selection of goods, ranging in price from 250 to 2,500 Winter Coins.

Hero's Companion Platform Bundle


The free holiday season bundle, which you can acquire in your platform store with the Xbox Game Pass or PS+ subscription active, from December 2 to February 2, 2022, includes:

  • British Tier II Premium destroyer Medea
  • 14 days of Premium Account
  • 15x Santa in Blue camouflages
  • 15x Santa in Red camouflages
  • 15x Santa ‘21 camouflages
  • 3,000,000 credits
  • 200,000 Commander XP
  • 30,000 Global XP
  • 3x Commander crates
  • 45x Rare Boosters of all five types (225 in total)

Additionally, the Hidden Cache platform bundle will be available in your platform store—free for Xbox players and those of you with an active PS+ subscription. Pick it up from January 11 through March 9, 08:00 UTC, to get the following items:

  • 3 days of Premium Account
  • 25x Type 4 camos
  • 25x Type 3 camos
  • 25x Type 2 camos
  • 25x Type 1 camos
  • 25x Hunter camos
  • 37,000 Commander XP

New Year Sale and Global XP Conversion Bonus

There are, of course, more ways to benefit during the holiday Update. First and foremost, x35 Global XP conversion rate is active from December 20 through January 3. Moreover, discounts for high-tier Tech Tree ships of various nations will be rotating throughout January. You’ll be able to pick up those with 25% off Tier V warships, 20% off Tier VI, and 15% off Tier VII:

  • Italian ships, January 3 – January 10
  • Soviet ships, January 10 – January 17
  • French ships, January 17 – January 24
  • German ships, January 24 – January 31

Winter Gift Flurry


Imagine an event during which you can receive gifts, gift presents, and get more presents for gifting presents. Sounds cool, right? Luckily, we got you! Join the Winter Gift Flurry at hi2022.wowslegends.com to participate in the holiday web event and become the best Secret Santa! The event runs from December 20 until January 10. Detailed look: https://wowsl.co/3mak1EO.

Enjoy your gifts this holiday season, and turn the tide!

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