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Winter Gift Flurry


Captains, it's time to decorate your Holiday Trees! And it’s not only in real life that you can do it but also in the Winter Gift Flurry web event! What's that, you ask? Let's find out!

Accessible at hi2022.wowslegends.com, the Winter Gift Flurry is a way to receive and gift some presents, all while decorating your own virtual Holiday Tree. Sending presents to other players (a free one and those obtainable for credits, Global XP, and doubloons) moves you up the Secret Santa rating, which is visible to everyone. You can't turn it off, so think well before going on a gifting spree if you want to stay anonymous. You don't need to participate in the event to be eligible for the gifts if you have logged in at least once since November 17. However, those who have not, as well as players who registered their accounts on December 17 or later, must send out their free gift before they can receive gifts from other players.

The event runs from December 20, 12:00 UTC, to January 10, 2022, 07:00 UTC, and after it concludes, you'll get various rewards that depend on what Leaderboard group you end up in. You'll find the prize breakdown below, just note that the most generous givers will get a Super V crate that drops Tier V Premium ships, including the exclusive Shinonome. Talk about sharing being caring!

Decorating the Holiday Tree will also reward you with in-game items, and you will get them as soon as your Tree moves to the next level (there are six levels in total). To pick up and upgrade holiday tree decorations, you'll need Snowflakes. This is how you can get them:

  • 10 Snowflakes for joining the event
  • 7 Snowflakes for each battle with at least 350 Base XP gained (up to 28 times a week)
  • 5 Snowflakes for sending the free gift out
  • 5 snowflakes for sending a gift for each 10,000 Global XP (up to 10 times a week for a total of 100,000); 500,000 credits (up to 28 times a week for a total of 14,000,000); or 250 doubloons spent 

Please note: Any Snowflakes you don't spend will be converted into credits 2 weeks after the event ends, with 1 Snowflake equaling 75,000 credits.

Here's the list of rewards you'll be able to get while leveling up your Holiday Tree:


Holiday Tree level I

  • 5x Holiday camos
  • 25x Rare Boosters (5x each type)

Holiday Tree level II

  • 3 days of Premium Account
  • 1x Commander crate

Holiday Tree level III

  • 5,000 Global XP
  • 5x Secret Santa '22 crates
  • 5x Promotion Orders

Holiday Tree level IV

  • 5x Holiday camos
  • 1x Commendation
  • 1x Super Santa '22 crate

Holiday Tree level V

  • 3 days of Premium Account
  • 5x Holiday camo
  • 3x Winter Big crates
  • 10x Promotion Orders
  • Winter Potato patch 

Legendary Holiday Tree

  • 1x Super Santa '22 crate
  • 5x Promotion Orders
  • 1x Insignia
  • 1x Commendation
  • Winter Potato flag 

To get to the Legendary level of the Holiday Tree, you have to fight 28 battles weekly over the span of 3 weeks and spend

  • 25,700,000 credits or
  • 300,000 GXP + some credits/doubloons or
  • 12,850 doubloons or
  • Combine the above resources in any way

And here is the Secret Santa Leaderboard prize breakdown: 



  • 1x Secret Santa '22 crate

Top 75%

  • 10x Holiday camos
  • 50x Rare Boosters (10x each type)

Top 50%

  • 1x Commendation
  • 3x Secret Santa '22 crates
  • 3 days of Premium Account

Top 25%

  • 20,000 Global XP
  • 500 doubloons
  • 1x Commander crate

Top 10%

  • 15x Promotion Orders
  • 1,000,000 credits
  • 5x Holiday camos

Top 1%

  • 1x Super V crate

Celebrate the winter holidays, wish well upon your fellow Captains, and turn the tide!

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