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Potating for Glory


Ahoy, Captains! It’s time to show off your talents—this time, you’ll be tasked with creating a new design for a potato flag or patch with a very special reward for the best artist.

First, make sure to get the OG Potato flag and patch with the following code JQJIX2Z4W3, redeemable at https://wowslegends.com/code-redeemer.

Then, download the picture and start creating (hand-drawn submissions are also eligible)!



The result should be uploaded using the button below (you have to log into your Wargaming Account first). The window for submissions is open from December 28 to January 24.

Sign in with your console account

A jury gathered from the Legends team will pick up the best works and publish those on January 24. You’ll decide whose work is the best with a 3-step PLAY-OFF vote on our official Facebook page from January 24 through 26, and the winners will be announced and prizes distributed on January 28. Cool, huh? But wait, because it gets even better!

The most spudtacular works, according to your vote, will get the following prizes:

1st place: 15,000 doubloons

Places 2–8: 7,500 doubloons

Additionally, the winner might see their design implemented in-game in 2022 in the form of a patch, flag, or both!

Here’s some inspiration for you in the form of some creations from the Legends team members:


Competition timeline:

Dec 28 – Jan 24, 7 AM UTC: Submission period

Jan 24: Top art and play-off vote stage I

Jan 25: Play-off vote stage II

Jan 26: Grand finals

Jan 28: Winners announced

Terms and Conditions

Each participant can only submit one work for consideration. If a party provides several submissions, only the first one will be considered.

You can send in either hand-drawn or digital submissions from Dec 28 through January 24, 2022, via the designated website utility.

Submissions must be made based on the original provided image of the potato patch or flag exclusively for this contest at the time it is held.

Those participating in the contest agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Contest results will be published on January 28, 2022—keep a close eye on the website and our socials.

Organizers reserve the right to adapt and change the winning works (both art and text) as they see fit.

Organizers reserve the right to make decisions on every aspect of the contest.

Requirements for submissions

The provided artwork should not contain any copyrighted names, nicknames, images or other materials. Please note that the patches do not have descriptions.

Submissions should not contain symbols or text that might be considered offensive.

Recommended size for CGI art is 1024x1024 pixels or larger, in the PNG or JPG formats.

Hand-drawn works should be photographed or scanned as clearly as possible.

Adding signatures to hand-drawn submissions using graphics editors is forbidden.

If the submission is hand-drawn, using a digital editor is only allowed to change the size of the art or correct its color.

If the author wishes, they may combine their symbol with an existing background for demonstration purposes.

If working with graphics editors, we encourage participants to save their source files in .psd format (by layers) if the work is done in a raster graphics editor or .eps or .ai if it is a vector editor. We may ask for those materials if needed.

Submission should be presented using the website utility for upload.

Learn more: https://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/eula, https://wowsl.co/33WAMgx.

Good luck, and turn the tide!

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