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OK Container


This may or may not be a completely uncalled for allusion to a musical album of a non-specified British band, but let us tell you about the Super Santa containers that will be one of the focal points of the holiday update. Before you proceed with this long-ish read, beware that if your motto is “no surprises," perhaps you should turn back. Or maybe you're just looking for drop rates? Here they are: https://wowslegends.com/containers/.

While getting or not getting the containers and supporting us by such means is entirely up to your personal choice, let's assume that if you continue reading, you're interested. There's certainly quite a choice of ships, and one might say there's even an airbag in the way of the guarantee system that’s in place every 40 containers. If Black Friday is fresh in your memory, you'll recognize the "save point" every 40 containers that works for most Premium ships available inside. That said, it is entirely possible—in fact, up to 22% of cases—that you'll pull the Holiday camos, and maybe you’re just fine with that, since if you like the pattern it's fairly easy to make a permanent camo for the ship of your choice and attack unsuspecting foes with your unrelenting holiday spirit throughout the year, driving them paranoid with flashbacks of the winter when they got sunk particularly hard. 

Do you have a Commander who is a bit under-ranked? Perhaps, it's the homesick alien Space Fishy craving those Orders, Insignias, or Commendations? Well, those are also available from these containers, and possibly in droves—“possibly” being the key word. 

Is it the British Lion you're grinding for? Various bundles come with Winter Coins, so you can certainly ease the grind, but just remember that Lion is not the end-all, be-all ship, so don't feel let down if you don't put one in your Port this winter. There are certainly plenty of other fish and ships in the sea!

What if you’re climbing up the walls in search of a new Premium ship, and you don't quite know what you even like? There is a chance you'll get one of the many available in the Super Santa container. Put bluntly, that chance is around 10.5% with lower, namely Tier IV and V ships taking precedence with the guarantee system in pace, should you decide to go deeper into “containeering.” With over 40 ships available, it's honestly easier to tell what's not in them, so the opportunities are quite broad.

Digging even deeper, there's this thing that we (hopefully) aptly call the "superprize." It can take the form of a massive doubloon influx or Commander resources to get one of your Commanders from the bench to the admiralty, or it can even take shape of one of the rarest ships in the game—the kind that were only available as campaign rewards at various points, including Jean Bart, Kutuzov, and Belfast, among others. At this point, we strongly suggest that there is no point in "hunting” for these ships, and trying to do so certainly wouldn't make you fitter or happier, but you might just get lucky.

As we put on the exit music, we'd like to thank you for going through this whole weird, improvised piece; wish you and your close ones happy holidays; and remind you to purchase containers responsibly, as family and friends should take absolute priority over pixel ships, no matter how much you and we love them. 

Oh, and just so the karma police doesn't get us for setting up tourist traps and taking up to 15 minutes of your time, here's a code for a Secret Santa '22 container that is good to use until the end of the year: NZ5DHJ4W65. This one is not as powerful as the Super kind, but can still bring you a nice little something! Take care, Legends! 

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