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Golden Week 2022


One of the best weeks of the year is almost here. We’re marking Golden Week with a set of dedicated content, arriving on April 25 and available until May 16. Let's check it out.

Golden Week Content Range

Golden Week permanent camouflage for Suzuya


Tier VII Premium cruiser Suzuya is an agile ship with great concealment and very solid ability to deal damage with her torpedoes and fifteen 6.1-inch (155 mm) guns. She’s available for 750,000 Global XP in the Store. 

Golden Week skin for Hyūga
Hyūga is a new Japanese Tier V Premium battleship, obtainable in the Store. Continue reading the article for a deep dive on her, covering her history and suggested tactics, as well as the recommended Commander build.

New Golden Week '22 crate
This fancy-looking box with a guarantee system (open 15 crates maximum to get Iwaki; open 40 for other ships—for a better understanding of how the system works, refer to the Golden Week '22 container description at https://wowslegends.com/containers/) hides credits, Commander progression items, and the following ships:

  • Tier III Premium cruiser Iwaki
  • Tier V Premium battleship Hyūga
  • Tier VI Premium destroyer Asashio

Also included: Golden Week skins for Yamato, Kongō, Suzuya, Hyūga, and Asashio.

Tier V Premium Battleship Hyūga


Completed in 1918, Hyūga didn't see much action in WWI, but she did take part in other significant events during the following years—notably, the Russian Civil War, relief of the survivors of the Great Kantō earthquake, and the second Sino-Japanese war. By the start of WWII, the ship was considered archaic, despite a two-stage modernization that ended in 1932 that included enhancement of her speed, anti-torpedo protection, and overall armor. Over the course of the war, Hyūga underwent one more remodeling, getting a flight deck in the process. Her career came to end when the ship was sunk in July 1945.


With a main battery of 12 barrels, Hyūga is all about firepower, so let's build a Commander to emphasize that even more. The best contender in our opinion is Takeo Takagi. While his base trait, Phoenix, focuses on survivability by increasing the HP restored by your Repair Party consumable, the rest of his recommended skillset will yield the best artillery results: Flammable Cannonier for better range and shell grouping, Gyrating Drillbits to make sure you stay on target and deal maximum damage, Marksmanship for these devastatingly accurate salvoes, Reaching Out XXL to make sure that your target never gets out of range, and finally—Fight Fire with Fire to compensate for the Flammable Cannonier debuff. Takeo Takagi, binoculars in hands, is sure to keep that determined look every time you land a 5-digit strike. Inspirations are once again up to you, although this time, we recommend improving your speed if at all possible, given that Hyūga doesn't break any records in that domain. A decently armored hull will allow you to sustain some fire, but make sure you're not actively fighting multiple enemies at once.

Get golden, and turn the tide!

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