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May update: Galloping Seahorse


Maintenance times:

  • Xbox: May 16, 2:00 – 5:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC
  • PlayStation: May 16, 2:00 – 5:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC

Update size:

  • Xbox One (S,X) ~2300 MB
  • Xbox Series S/X ~2300 MB
  • PS4 ~2300 MB
  • PS5 ~2300 MB

Captains, welcome the new update. It brings a significant batch of content, including a very special feature. Let's check all of that out!

Can’t be bothered to read such l.o.n.g. texts? No problem, we have the TLDR for you:

  • Pan-European destroyers arrive in Early Access with two new Commanders
  • Back to Belfast campaign with British Tier VII Premium cruiser Belfast '43 as the ultimate prize
  • Previous collaboration content, including Azur Lane, returns for a limited time
  • Pilot version of the Auction with exclusive goods to obtain
  • Three Arena seasons
  • and more, of course!


Before we continue, make sure to redeem the code H5G4O29XPJ at https://wowslegends.com/code-redeemer to obtain 12 Union Jack camouflages.

Pan-European Destroyers in Early Access & Sweet Comebacks


A whole new branch of Pan-European destroyers arrives in Legends, now available in Early Access. It consists of six new destroyers and one cruiser, being the usual entry point of the tech tree. Both Tier I Gryf and Tier II Romulus are unlockable for credits, while Tier VII Östergötland is going to reinforce the destroyer ranks with the start of the next update, marking the line becoming fully researchable. These destroyers don't need Smoke Generators, relying instead on speed and powerful armaments, as well as the Repair Party consumable at higher tiers. 


To get the new ships, acquire some Pan-European Destroyer crates, including Big ones. The Big containers, being subject to the guarantee system*, also bring back a Pan-European navy staple: Tier VII Friesland, with her rapid-firing gunboat style ready for you to try out. She is also going to be obtainable for Global XP. But that's not the only comeback we’re preparing—Błyskawica is gonna be available to acquire, too!

*You'll get an Early Access ship (Tiers III–VI) at least in every 20th crate Pan-European Destroyer Big Crate opened; the threshold for Friesland is 30 containers. 

One more Pan-European destroyer to get is all-new Premium Öland of Tier VI, starting May 23. To learn more about her, proceed to the New Ships of the Update section, and watch out for another deep dive within a Through the Spy Glass article, which will arrive in the coming weeks. 

With more good news, two new Commanders—Conrad Helfrich, who was stealthily added to the officer ranks in the last update, and Stig Hansson Ericson—are joining Jerzy Świrski, hiding inside Commander crate. Each of the three Pan-European Commanders is also obtainable for 900,000 Commander XP in the Store.

Conrad Helfrich


Conrad Helfrich is your universal Pan-European Commander, which means you're going to get him as soon as you acquire your first such ship, be it either Tier I Gryf or any of the Early Access destroyers—or you might have him already! 

Stig Hansson Ericson 


Some say his torpedoes defy physics, others claim he's never set a smokescreen in his life. All we know is he's named (the) Stig Hansson Ericson.

To learn everything about the new ships and Commanders, stay tuned—we'll cover the matter next week in a featured article. 

Back to Belfast Campaign


Belfast '43 is the Tier VII version of a cruiser you know and love with AP and HE shells and close-to-American ballistics, but she's now equipped with two triple-tube torpedo launchers. She also has an enviable consumables kit of Smoke Generator, Radar, and Sonar—available at the same time.

To learn more about this ship, stay tuned for a dedicated issue of the Through the Spy Glass blog section, set to go out next week. 

The framework of the campaign is probably familiar to you: 100 milestones in 5 weeks with the catch-up mechanic enabled, and if you're up for a challenge, there's also a weekly set of "hardmode" assignments. Let's proceed to the prize list. 


Rewards you can get without the Admiralty Backing: 

  • 60x Common Boosters 
  • 12x Type 1 camouflages
  • 12x Type 2 camouflages
  • 12x Type 3 camouflages
  • 8x European camouflages
  • 262,500 Commander XP
  • 900,000 credits
  • 8,000 Global XP
  • 14x Promotion Orders
  • 1x Insignia
  • 1x Commendation
  • 8 days of Premium Account
  • 9x Pan-European Destroyer crates
  • 1x Pan-European Destroyer Big Crate
  • 1x British Commander crate
  • 1x patch background
  • 1x patch symbol

Value of the rewards without the Admiralty Backing: 17,635 doubloons 

Additional rewards you can get with the Admiralty Backing (2,500 doubloons):

  • 60x Rare Boosters
  • 20x Type 1 camouflages
  • 20x Type 2 camouflages
  • 20x Type 3 camouflages
  • 21x European camouflages
  • 137,500 Commander XP
  • 2,310,000 credits
  • 27,500 Global XP
  • 26x Promotion Orders
  • 3x Insignias
  • 3x Commendations
  • 750 doubloons
  • 6x Pan-European Destroyer crates
  • 4x Pan-European Destroyer Big Crates
  • British Tier VII cruiser Belfast '43

Total value of the rewards with the Admiralty Backing: 71,530 doubloons

As the campaign contains 100 milestones, if you wish to get everything right away, it'll require 27,250 doubloons. The full breakdown of the campaign missions will be available on Monday, May 16, as a standalone blog post.

Azur Lane & Godzilla vs. Kong Are Back at It


Rejoice, captains! Azur Lane collaboration content, as well as the Godzilla versus Kong collaboration range, will become available once again. Both content sets come back in full, except for Azur Lane Atago. The Azur Lane collection is headlined by the likes of Baltimore, Queen Elizabeth, Graf Spee, and others! Godzilla & Kong items are available until June 6, while you'll be able to get your hands on the Azur Lane goods from May 30 through June 20.

Enter Auction


The initial version of the new feature is here! It works this way: Make your bid for a lot—with a finite number of valuable items within each available—and either win and get the goods, or get your bid refunded if you lose. For now, the bids might be placed with doubloons and credits, depending on the exact lot. This update, the auction will be active from June 2 to June 6.

Please help us test it, as we are eagerly waiting for your feedback! Make sure to check our blog—a dedicated article on the Auction, including the full rules and exclusive lots that are going to be available this time, is coming soon.

Three Arena Seasons 

Arena makes a thunderous return for the new update, with three seasons available over its course. The Arms Race bonuses come back, too, except the one that restores HP, just like you asked! Other than that, no changes—and no carriers. Buckle up and show who's boss! More information is coming your way in a special article, breaking down everything you would wanna know about the Arena seasons, as soon as next week.

New Ships of the Update

Japanese Tier IV Premium battleship Myōgi


Myōgi is based on project B-40, a precursor design to the Kongō class. Six powerful 14-inch (356 mm) guns, with two of the turrets placed at the rear, make Myōgi a tough fight for all comers. She is also pretty quick and sports respectable AA and secondary outfits for her tier. 

Pan-European Tier VI Premium destroyer Öland


The lead ship of her class, with four destroyers planned and two built, Öland was constructed with the lessons of WWII naval battles in mind. Becoming the biggest destroyers of the Swedish Navy, she and her sistership were in service up until 1979.

A quickshot with strong AA defenses, bolstered by Defensive AA Fire, this Pan-European destroyer is no slouch. Add to that Repair Party and powerful torpedoes, and you have a top contender, but beware—there's no Smoke Generator.

Balance Changes

While with this update there are no immediate balance changes incoming, make sure to check our devblog on some upcoming changes here. However, a sufficiently big surprise is lying in wait for you. Stay tuned... 

Store Update


Skins and permanent camouflages, same as voiceovers for Commanders and Commander guises can now be previewed in the Store before you make a purchase. Some minor interface tweaks to smoothen the experience were added as well. 

Bug Fixes


  • Ship models in battle could sometimes load as low-polygon versions when reconnecting after a disconnect.
  • When navigating between Bureau project segments with controller bumper buttons, going back could result in wrong segment being focused on when navigating back to the project overview.
  • Collision warning indicator alerting with a delay.
  • Pyotr Bargation's barbette layout in the armor viewer was incorrect.
  • Flint now correctly takes all range modifiers into account, for a few months she used to be hard-limited to 16.3 kilometers due to an error.
  • A rare case of aiming reticles disappearing at the beginning of battles when players used the overview camera and tactical map during the countdown.


  • Status bar with phone charge and time indicators sometimes not disappearing in-game on Apple devices.
  • Multiple medals being received for a single achievement.
  • Inability to start a battle after changing the control scheme.
  • Torpedo aiming cone sometimes disappearing after switching to torpedoes from guns.
  • Ship name sometimes clipping the overview camera button in battle.
  • "New" element reflections behaving weirdly if the Port view was active for several minutes.
  • Smaller ships having incorrect water reflections in the Port.
  • Rare case of players disconnecting from the Port menu, as the game falsely identified them as being away from device.
  • Buttons on the left side of the screen not disabling correctly when in the overview camera.
  • Orange gradient aura over ships that could not enter battle for one reason or another being in the wrong position in relation to the ship icon.


  • Added ray-traced shadows for PlayStation 5, which can be enabled in the game settings. This feature requires 4K resolution to be turned on.
  • Colored shell tracers can now be turned off by switching the "decorative" parameter of customization settings.
  • New Sonar icon—when opposing ships are using Sonar from behind a hill or island, you'll see a corresponding icon (which means you can now effectively distinguish between Sonar and Radar detection).
  • A special type of challenge for newer players—Demo battles—is available starting May 30. The terms are the following: You can play up to two games with the types of ships (destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers) you haven't played more than once yet. The opponents are AI only, and with such a safe way of trying new stuff, your boosters and camos do not get spent, but you still get your XP (except it's only 20% of what you would get if you were playing Standard battles). 
  • Ship markers were improved:
    • Out of range markers are now half-transparent (for both main battery and torpedoes).
    • Aircraft carriers and their squadrons' markers are always non-transparent, and the same goes for every marker in spectator mode and focused markers.
    • The big HP bar of focused markers now blinks after receiving damage.
    • A small HP bar was added for unfocused markers.
  • With this update, we introduce two new ship traits. American Tier VI Premium destroyer Kidd is swapping “Nimble Aim” for the "Heal Consumable". The second one is "Slow Torpedoes," which is going to be used with upcoming ships.
  • (Mobile) Divisions are now available, and not just with other mobile players! Play with your friends on the go!

Prepare for summer, and turn the tide!

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