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Place your bids: the Auction has arrived


Captains, this update sees a whole new feature implemented in Legends. We are talking about the Auction. It works as follows: Bid resources—this time credits and doubloons—and obtain in-game goods or get your stash back. 

Please bear in mind, that this is the first iteration of the Auction, and subject to your feedback and the data we get, it might change. Let's move on to the rules and lots. Note that the Auction is open only for players with at least 25 battles in total (including those versus AI) under their belts, and will be held from June 2 through June 6.


The rules are as simple as they get:

Explore the lots

Compete for valuables with other players during the blind auction, which means you don't see other participants' bids. Each lot, available one per player, includes a particular number of treasured in-game items. 

High and early bids win 

Earlier and higher bids improve the likelihood to succeed—if two bids in the lowest winning range are equal, the one placed earlier will have the priority. Please note: The funds are blocked until the auction ends or you revoke your bid.

Win—or lose nothing 

As soon as the bidding for a lot ends, you either get the items you placed a bid on, or get your bid back.


The set of lots this time looks as follows:

5 Insignias

Nothing better than rare Commander progression items, right? 

  • Starting price: 15,000,000 credits
  • Available items: 1,000 lots 

The Golden Flag

The shiny one—pick it up for yourself! 

  • Starting price: 500 doubloons
  • Available items: 2,500 lots 

German Tier III Premium battleship König Albert

A true menace at her tier, this German dreadnought withstands a lot and gives back even more. She's not here to play! 

  • Starting price: 2,500 doubloons
  • Available items: 500 lots

Good luck in your endeavors, and turn the tide!

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