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The Return of Treasure Hunt


Captains, do you ever feel the itch to get yourself some treasures? Well, this time we got you—the Treasure Hunt web event is back! Read on to learn everything you need to know.

We’ve made hunting for treasure as easy as it gets—it is our birthday, after all, so we want everyone to have fun! Log in with your Xbox/PlayStation account at http://treasure2022.wowslegends.com/, obtain keys, and open cells! Each cell hides a treasure, and as you progress and open 50, 100, and 150 cells, you’ll get a super reward for each of these milestones. The event runs from August 8 until August 29 (7:00 UTC/2:00 CDT start and finish).

You can get keys in the following ways:

  • For free (just for playing the game—up to 56 over the course of the event).
  • For credits (a maximum of four keys daily; 500,000 credits each—up to 56 over the course of the event).
  • For doubloons (250 per key—no daily limit). Starting August 22 (7:00 UTC/2:00 CDT), you can only obtain keys for doubloons

You get one free key for your first visit to Treasure Hunt web page. You can receive four more daily for completing the following missions in Standard Battles:

  • Win one battle
  • Deal 100,000 damage
  • Hit enemy ships 100 times
  • Earn 5,000 XP


Treasure breakdown for each 50 cells (allocated randomly—after 50 and 100 cells are opened, the cells field resets): 

  • 5x One day of Premium Account
  • 1x Anniversary '22 Soviet Сrate 
  • 1x Anniversary '22 Regia Marina Сrate 
  • 1x Anniversary '22 Pan-European Сrate
  • 1x Halloween '21 Сrate
  • 1x Black Friday '21 Сrate
  • 1x Super Santa '22 Сrate
  • 2x Summer Big Crate
  • 1x Stellar crate
  • 1x 30% discount coupon for Tier V and Tier VI Premium ships purchase
  • 7x Two Promotion Orders
  • 1х Ten Promotion Orders
  • 7x 5000 Global XP
  • 7x Epic Boosters set (1 of each type)
  • 14x Three Anniversary camouflages

Super rewards:

  • 50 cells opened: Insignia
  • 100 cells opened: 20x Promotion Orders
  • 150 cells opened: Super V Crate
    It drops one of 23 Tier V Premium ships with duplicate protection on, meaning you always get one of the ships not owned already, or this crate-exclusive Japanese destroyer Shinonome. Five ships of Tier V previously not included in possible drops, were added to the crate. Those are: Arizona, Hyūga, Zuihō, Anshan, and Huanghe. You can check the exact list of Premiums inside the box here. For those admirals who have all the Tier V Premiums, the Super V reward will be 15,000,000 credits. There's more: you can obtain one more Super V crate with 30% off after opening all the cells!

Start your hunt for treasure today, and turn the tide!

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