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Welcome to Creatorverse

Commanders, it's time to enter the Creatorverse! CouRage, Nadeshot, Ludwig, Sapnap, and MoistCr1TiKaL are joining Legends as Commander guises along with their unique ship skins and flags!

  • You unlock the five associated missions after hitting Account Level 5, and you'll find them under the Missions section of the main menu.
  • Each mission unlocks a unique Commander guise and corresponding flag.
  • The different missions require you to play ships of certain nations.
  • You can purchase combat missions rewarding the Commander guises and respective flags in the Store for credits.
  • Ship skins, Trending Crates, and a bundle holding all of the available themed content can also be purchased in the Store.

Meet the Creators

Trending Crate

Open this crate for a chance to get a viral piece of the Internet, including ship skins from your favorite content creators and Battle Boosters!

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